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Fanatical Prospecting Cliff Notes

Fanatical Prospecting – Cliff Notes & Book Summary

Fanatical Prospecting¬†is a great book that everyone who focuses on prospecting should buy. This is a must read book by Jeb Blount, for SDRs, BDRs, full cycle Account Executives, and Founders who are new to sales. Fanatical Prospecting Cliff Notes … Read More

How to Coach Sales Reps

How to Coach Sales Reps: Strategies for Success

Successful coaching of sales reps is essential for any business that relies on a thriving sales team. Effective coaching not only empowers sales reps to reach their full potential but also contributes significantly to the overall success and growth of … Read More

How to Be a Sales Coach

How to Be a Sales Coach: Effective Strategies for Success

Having an excellent sales team is crucial for business growth and expansion. One effective way to boost a team’s performance is through the guidance of a sales coach. A sales coach is a leader who trains, mentors, and supports sales … Read More

sales metrics

The top sales metrics to track

Sales metrics are critical components for businesses looking to optimize their sales process and drive revenue growth. These vital performance indicators serve as valuable tools to measure the success of sales teams and identify areas for improvement. In today’s competitive … Read More

spiff in sales

Spiff in Sales: Motivating Your Sales Team to Hit Sales Goals

Spiff in sales is a concept that businesses have used since at least 1947, although the word itself can be traced back to at least 1890. When sales teams are unmotivated, businesses will often introduce a spiff to help generate … Read More