LinkedIn can be a gold mine for programmers who are looking for a job and learning How To Add GitHub to LinkedIn can help recruiters, screen for a good fit. Adding this information will help recruiters discover relevant past work that will save both parties time.

GitHub – Where the world builds software

GitHub, founded in 2008 is owned by Microsoft. With over 40 million users, GitHub is one of the largest sites used by software engineers. GitHub enables software developers to work together.

Let’s divide the word GitHub into two parts in order to understand it better. Git is an open-source version control system that keeps everything in order. Whenever developers create a new app or program, they regularly make changes to the program to make it better. These modifications made are saved in the version control system’s repository, allowing developers to download new versions, update them, and upload the newest version.

Now that we have gone through the term Git, let’s talk about the hub part. Hub is where you can interact with other people. As for GitHub, a hub is where developers store their projects. GitHub is a platform that is made for software developers.

Why add GitHub to your LinkedIn

GitHub is a perfect platform for developers to get recognized and share their work. Adding your GitHub to your LinkedIn can highlight your skills. Tech companies and recruiters will look you up on GitHub. Recruiters will discover new talent by using LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions. This is why it’s essential to feature your GitHub on your LinkedIn profile.

How to add GitHub to LinkedIn

LinkedIn does not offer a dedicated GitHub field on your profile. But, with some tweaks here and there, you can add GitHub to LinkedIn. 

  • On the LinkedIn home page, look for the “Me” section on the right upper corner
  • Press the tab and select “View Profile“. 
How to Add GitHub to LinkedIn
  • After that, look for the “Contact Info” button and press it.
How to Add GitHub to LinkedIn
  • On the upper right corner, select the “Edit” button.
How to Add GitHub to LinkedIn
  • Go for the “Add a website” selection.
How to Add GitHub to LinkedIn
  • Type the GitHub profile URL and set the tab to “Other” from “Personal
How to Add GitHub to LinkedIn
  • Click save.

And this is how to add GitHub on LinkedIn and make it visible to the recruiters. If recruiters are bothering you, you can always block them.

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