You are currently viewing LeadIQ Pricing – Actual Prices With Full Package Details

LeadIQ Pricing – Actual Prices With Full Package Details

What is LeadIQ?

Before we discuss LeadIQ pricing, it’s important to understand what LeadIQ is. LeadIQ is a leading prospecting data company that provides services to make a business’ database more efficient and valuable. In combination with the company’s products, LeadIQ optimizes prospects and builds a more reliable and accurate selection to pick from within.

The company’s direct marketing comes with its one-click software, which takes all the incoming and outgoing data, combined with that held by LeadIQ, creating a quick list of sequenced contact information. Afterward, utilizing the company’s software or an in-house solution, a business team can send personalized details to accurate contacts, building leads, and conversions.

LeadIQ Pricing

There are three plans offered by LeadIQ: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. LeadIQ’s services range in price from $75/month to $135/month/user. Each plan tier has its separate feature list, combining aspects of the other two.

In addition to standard monthly plans, an annual plan option allows for $15/month cost synergies at the loss of flexible payment. However, LeadIQ includes their database and total access with Pro annual plans, alongside the always annual plan Enterprise tier.

Although LeadIQ doesn’t offer specific products and services to choose from, their software works in three particular ways:

  1. Identify
  2. Filter
  3. Automate

Identify focuses on finding target accounts, automatically adding data known by both a business and LeadIQ’s database to create a detailed contact piece. Filter narrows down contacts made by Identify and LinkedIn, capturing more specific prospects, with a greater focus on sheer data to develop automated profiles and detailed profiles.

Lastly, Automate uses LeadIQ’s software to move contacts to their most suitable campaigns. It uses detailed connections and gathered profiles to determine how to convert the visitor into a paying customer or employee. After this is activated, LeadIQ leaves the prospecting to the purchasing company, whether for potential customers or prospective employees. 

LeadIQ Pricing Tiers

While LeadIQ’s Starter, Pro, and Enterprise tiers all contain the same general ability to access its Identify, Filter, and Automate capabilities, they differ significantly in additional features. For example, while Starter only includes adding prospects into Google Sheets and capturing contacts in the Hubspot CRM, Pro and Enterprise hold several more features.

As such, the company’s tiers vary greatly in additional feature sets, although the base abilities of LeadIQ are available to all customers, whether as part of the $75/month Starter subscription or the annual $135/month/user Enterprise plan.

LeadIQ Product Comparison

The company’s three product tiers include:

Starter Pro Enterprise
Price $75/month $135/month $135/month (annual only)
Mobile Phone Numbers 25 50 10,000/month/user
Verified Work Emails 250 500 100
Save to Google Sheets Yes Yes Yes
Capture into Hubspot CRM No Yes Yes
Salesforce Duplicate Detection No Yes Yes
One-Click Salesforce Sync No Yes Yes
Sync to Outreach Sequences No Yes Yes
Save in SalesLoft Cadences No Yes Yes
LeadIQ database access No Annual plan only Yes
Custom field mapping No Yes Yes
File enrichment No 100 rows per CSV 1,000 rows per CSV
Capture custom leads No No Yes
Priority support and customer services No No Yes
Prospect job change notifications No No Yes
One-click contact updates No No Yes
Dashboards No No Yes
Territory management No No Yes
Manage data type No No Yes
Single sign-on No $4,800/year $4,800/year

While Starter and Pro are available in monthly and annual payments, Enterprise is available exclusively at $135/month in annual plans per user (with a 20 user minimum). In addition, each tier comes with unique features and allows work email/mobile phone number counts.

How Much Does LeadIQ Cost

At its cheaper, LeadIQ services cost $720 per year for one user on the Starter plan, ranging to upwards of $1,620 per year for the Enterprise annual plan. Depending on the size of a business’ database and the number of work emails and phone numbers in consideration for prospecting, the right LeadIQ price tier is needed.

For example, larger companies may require the use of LeadIQ’s Enterprise plan, which allows for 10,000 mobile phone numbers per month for each of the minimum 20 users permitted. In addition, as the size of a database increase, the required plan and price may grow as well, scaling to prepare Identify, Filter, and Automate for a growing number of data points.

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