Customer Wins

Customer Wins

RevPilots helps customers win with vetted full time and fractional talent.

Last updated 9/2023

Wall of Wins


  • Full Time VP of Sales for hired after intensive 4 week process, beating out 5 other agencies.
  • Fractional Sales Leader designed the interview process from scratch, working with a sales recruiter to source qualified applicants and run an efficient interview process in order to hire top sales talent, saving founder substantial time to work on product, only being brought in until final stages of the process before hiring.
  • Full Time SDR hired who is on track to exceed quota
  • First Sales Hire – Full Time Account Executive hired after being sourced with hyper-specific client requirements
  • First Sales Hire – Full Time Account Executive hired who needed niche industry experience, client described as “perfect fit”
  • Entire hiring process was designed from scratch, including interview scorecards and skills assessments
  • Fractional Sales Manager leading GTM team, putting in new processes and coaching for three AEs, resulting in record meetings booked and client described as “stellar performance.”
  • Startup had one customer, after two months of working with a sales consultant had 10. Mid-market focused.
  • AE was closing $20K a month, CEO felt there was underperformance. After a month of coaching and call reviews with a Fractional Sales Manager, AE jumped to $50K a month. 
  • Fractional AE brought on to takeover lead to close for new AI product, booked 10 meetings a week after company was struggling to book 1.
  • Company didn’t want to hire an agency to implement HubSpot so they hired a Fractional RevOps Manager who mapped out the implementation and executed it ahead of schedule and for significantly less than the agency cost.
  • VC backed startup needed Customer Success process audited and recommendations made to improve current process but didn’t need a VP of CS yet so a Fractional CS Leader overhauled process and helped oversee recommended changes.
  • Startup saved over $25K by eliminating wasteful sales tool spend after a fractional sales leader audited tech stack.
  • Fractional AE helped bootstrapped Founder fill pipeline going from 1 or 2 meetings a week to 8-12, plus helped close new business.
  • Fractional Sales Manager regularly reviewed recorded sales calls and coached Account Executives based on findings resulting in improved closed won rate by 20% because of a better discovery and demo approach.
  • Startup improved cash flow significantly after changing sales process thanks to Sales Consultant recommendations.
  • SMB fixed the ghosting problem after the Fractional Sales Manager reviewed call recordings, identified two main issues, provided coaching and training on how to more effectively run a sales process. Ghosting was reduced by 90%.
  • Fractional Sales Manager reworked sales process after identifying substantial drop off at last step in sales process for SMB. Implemented a new step to present pricing, resulting in an immediate improved conversion rate improvement of 55% in the first month.
  • Fractional SDR was brought in to test a new potential market segment for Series B startup, saving the startup the need to hire full time SDR and allocate internal resources for an experiment.
  • Sales Consultant made recommendations to increase pricing after listening to customer calls and conducting market research. Startup saw an immediate ~35% increase in revenue with zero negative impact on conversion rates.
  • Fractional SDR manager rewrote email copy, resulting in 200%+ improvement in meetings booked for SMB.
  • Fractional Sales manager implemented new outbound strategy and process, leading to company regularly booking meetings after failing to do so for months. Company had only booked one outbound meeting in the past 6 months. 
  • Fractional Sales Leader reworked interview process for Startup, helping founders make first sales hire who is on track to exceed quota.
  • Fractional Sales Leader worked with founders to rework the compensation plan for salespeople in order to drive specific behavior.
  • Fractional sales manager implemented a conference and trade show strategy. Previously, Founders were showing up and hoping to connect with prospects. Now they had meetings lined up and a full schedule. Generated $250K in opportunities.
  • Sales Consultant coached technical Founder on sales best practices, resulting in Founder closing first deals after months of previous failure.
  • Fractional SDR was hired to book meetings when founders were unable to allocate time to prospecting. Startup saw a significant increase in new qualified opportunities created.
  • Public company needed new cold email copy created. Work described as “excellent” by Fractional Sales Talent.
  • Fractional Sales Manager provided regular sales coaching and training to salespeople, resulting in 30% shorter sales cycles and record revenue for the quarter.
  • Fractional Sales Enablement Leader coached a team of technical co-founders who were able to successfully implement an outbound process and confidently run sales cycles from lead to close.
  • Fractional Sales Leader created a sales playbook and other foundational materials to professionalize sales organization and put it in a position to scale.
  • Sale Consultant audited sales approach of struggling account executive. Identified areas of weakness and prescribed a plan of action to fix shortcomings, resulting in an immediate improvement in their close rate going from ~10% to 30%.
  • Fractional Head of Sales built a sales playbook, designed the interview process, and other supporting materials (sales playbook, onboarding materials, etc.) to put the foundation in place to bring on new salespeople.
  • Sales Consultant provided go to market advice to founder resulting in founder building a 700+ company waitlist.