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sales recruitment in the US

Top Sales Recruiting Firms in the U.S.

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It is no secret that companies across nearly every industry in the United States rely on strong sales teams to drive profits and sustain growth. To build these revenue-generating teams, sales recruiters and headhunters are in higher demand than ever in 2024. 

Companies now enlist the services of specialized sales recruiting firms around the USA to identify, attract, and hire top-notch sales talent – with no shortage of sales job titles out there – all with the right skills, experience, drive and potential to meet goals.

Read below to see the best sales recruiters and sales headhunters in America, and specialized sales recruiting options for the biggest cities in the U.S., including New York City, Boulder, Miami, San Franscisco and more!

The 15 Best Sales Recruiters in America Right Now:

Here’s a detailed list of well-known sales recruiters in the USA, each known for their unique approach and expertise in the field of sales recruitment. These sales recruiting firms are renowned for connecting top talent with all types of companies across various industries – whether a large global corporation in NYC or a new startup in Miami.

  1. RevPilotsBased in New York and founded by yours truly Joe Benjamin, RevPilots is the top sales recruiter in the US right now – we connect companies with vetted full time and fractional sales talent and sales consultants. 
  2. Heidrick & Struggles: A premier executive search firm and leadership consulting provider, Heidrick & Struggles stands out as a top sales recruiting agency by offering specialized services in executive search, including sales and marketing roles. With a global reach, this firm is recognized as one of the best sales recruiters, focusing on identifying leaders who can drive growth and innovation in their respective fields.

  3. Spencer Stuart: Renowned for its leadership consulting and executive search capabilities, Spencer Stuart excels as a sales recruiting agency by working closely with organizations to find candidates who are not only high-performing but also a perfect fit for the company’s culture and values. Their expertise in sales recruiting is unmatched, making them a go-to firm for companies seeking transformative leaders.

  4. Russell Reynolds Associates: This recruiting firm is known for its executive search and leadership transition services, making itself as a leading sales recruiting firm. Russell Reynolds Associates takes a strategic approach to sales recruiting, ensuring that they match companies with leaders who can seamlessly integrate and propel the organization forward.

  5. Diversified Search Group: As a leading executive search firm with a focus on diversity and inclusion, Diversified Search Group excels in finding top talent for various functions, including sales. Their commitment to excellence in sales recruiting is evident in their methodology, which prioritizes not only the candidate’s skills but also their alignment with the company’s mission and diversity goals.

  6. Egon Zehnder: Offering a broad spectrum of services such as executive search, board consulting, and leadership strategy, Egon Zehnder is recognized as a top sales recruiting agency. Their global presence and deep understanding of various industries enable them to stand out as a sales recruiter, specializing in identifying and nurturing leadership talent that can drive significant impact.

  7. Tatum, a Randstad Company: Specializing in senior-level executive services and solutions, including sales leadership positions, Tatum, a Randstad Company, has established itself as a premier sales recruiting firm. 

  8. Lucas Group: Known for its professional recruitment services across multiple sectors including sales, Lucas Group operates as a comprehensive sales recruiting agency. Their approach to sales recruiting focuses on understanding the unique needs of both the candidates and the companies.

  9. Linked Executive Search: As a firm specializing in connecting highly skilled professionals with companies, Linked Executive Search is recognized for its excellence in executive-level placements, including sales. Their reputation as a sales recruiter is built on their commitment to quality and their strategic approach to identifying candidates who can make a significant difference.

  10. Peak Sales Recruiting: Exclusively focused on B2B sales recruiting, Peak Sales Recruiting helps companies hire top sales talent capable of transforming their revenue and growth. As a dedicated sales recruiting agency, their methodology and understanding of the sales domain enable them to identify individuals who are not just skilled but are true sales game-changers.

  11. Goodwin Recruiting: Offering a broad range of recruiting services with a specialization in sales positions, Goodwin Recruiting leverages their extensive network to find quality candidates. Their expertise as a sales recruiting firm is well known.

  12. Korn Ferry: As a global organizational consulting firm, Korn Ferry excels in executive search, including the sales domain. Their approach to sales recruiting is informed by deep industry insights and a comprehensive understanding of the evolving marketplace. 

  13. Boyden: A global leader in the executive search industry, Boyden offers a personalized approach to sales recruiting, making them a preferred sales recruiter for companies across various sectors. 

  14. Stanton Chase: Specializing in executive search and leadership consulting, Stanton Chase stands out as a leading sales recruiting firm with a focus on delivering strategic sales leadership solutions. 

  15. N2Growth: N2Growth operates as a premier executive search and professional consulting firm, with a significant focus on sales recruiting. Their approach goes beyond traditional search practices, making them a top sales recruiting agency known for their forward-thinking strategies for 2024 and more.

  16. Battalia Winston: With a long-standing history of excellence in executive search, Battalia Winston is recognized among the best sales recruiting firms for its tailored approach to identifying and placing top sales executives.

These sales recruiting firms are all considered to be some of the best US sales recruiters targeting all industries extensive networks. Whether you’re looking to fill mid-level sales roles or high-level executive positions, these sales recruiting agencies offer tailored services to meet the unique hiring goals of their clients, solidifying their status as some of the best sales recruiters in the industry.

What Cities Does RevPilots Recruit Sales Employees?

Anywhere in the USA, including:

As for the types of sales jobs that RevPilots can help recruit to fill? Here is just a small sampling of hundreds of sales jobs that we can fill for your company:

  1. Enterprise Sales/Account Executive
  2. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  3. Realtor
  4. Tech Sales Engineers
  5. Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives
  6. Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents
  7. Real Estate Agent
  8. Sales Engineer
  9. Financial Services Sales Agent
  10. Advertising Sales Executive
  11. Inside Sales Representative
  12. Account Manager
  13. Territory Sales Professional

Recruiting Top Sales Talent? Look No Further. How to Find the Best Sales Recruiter for Your Sales Jobs in 2024:

There are hundreds of sales jobs out there, and finding the right employee can be a game. Here are just a few of the sales recruiting niches that Rev Pilots specializes in locating and placing top sales talent within your organization: 

  1. Agriculture Sales Recruiters: Specialists in finding talent for agricultural sales roles, crucial for ensuring that companies in the agriculture industry have the right sales force to promote their products and services effectively to farmers and agricultural businesses.
  2. B2B Sales Recruiters: Experts in sourcing professionals adept at business-to-business sales, essential for companies looking to expand their client base and secure partnerships in the corporate sector.
  3. Bench Sales Recruiters: Skilled in recruiting sales professionals for bench or staffing roles, vital for staffing agencies and consulting firms to maintain a pool of talented individuals ready to be deployed to client projects.
  4. Biotech Sales Recruiters: Proficient in identifying sales talent with a background in biotechnology, instrumental for biotech companies in selling cutting-edge products and services to pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and healthcare providers.
  5. Cloud Sales Recruiters: Specialized in recruiting sales personnel with expertise in cloud computing solutions, critical for companies offering cloud-based services to effectively reach and engage with clients in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.
  6. Construction Sales Recruiters: Focused on sourcing sales professionals for the construction industry, indispensable for companies involved in selling construction equipment, materials, and services to contractors, builders, and developers.
  7. Cybersecurity Sales Recruiters: Experts in recruiting sales talent with a deep understanding of cybersecurity products and services, essential for cybersecurity firms to effectively communicate the value of their solutions and protect organizations from digital threats.
  8. Dental Sales Recruiters: Proficient in finding sales representatives for dental equipment and supplies companies, vital for ensuring that dental professionals have access to the latest tools and technologies to deliver quality care to patients.
  9. Education Sales Recruiters: Skilled in identifying sales professionals for the education sector, crucial for companies offering educational products, software, and services to schools, colleges, and educational institutions.
  10. Executive Sales Recruiters: Specialists in recruiting senior-level sales executives, pivotal for companies looking to strengthen their leadership teams and drive strategic sales initiatives to achieve organizational growth and profitability.
  11. Fintech Sales Recruiters: Experts in sourcing sales talent for financial technology companies, crucial for organizations revolutionizing the finance industry by providing innovative solutions such as payment processing, lending, and wealth management services.
  12. Healthcare Sales Recruiters: Proficient in finding sales professionals for the healthcare sector, essential for companies offering medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare services to effectively engage with healthcare providers, institutions, and patients.
  13. Hotels Sales Recruiters: Focused on recruiting sales representatives for the hospitality industry, indispensable for hotels and resorts to drive revenue through effective sales strategies targeting individual and corporate clients.
  14. IT Sales Recruiters: Skilled in identifying sales talent for the information technology sector, vital for companies selling software, hardware, and IT services to businesses and organizations seeking to enhance their technological capabilities.
  15. Industrial Sales Recruiters: Specialized in sourcing sales professionals for industrial manufacturing and distribution companies, critical for organizations selling industrial machinery, equipment, and supplies to various sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and logistics.
  16. Insurance Sales Recruiters: Proficient in recruiting sales representatives for the insurance industry, crucial for insurance companies to expand their customer base and offer coverage solutions tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses.
  17. Medical Sales Recruiters: Experts in finding sales talent for medical equipment and supplies companies, essential for ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to essential medical devices, instruments, and consumables to deliver quality care.
  18. Pharmaceutical Sales Recruiters: Skilled in identifying sales professionals for pharmaceutical companies, vital for organizations to promote and distribute medications and healthcare products to healthcare providers, pharmacies, and patients.
  19. Publishing Sales Recruiters: Focused on recruiting sales representatives for publishing houses and media companies, indispensable for organizations to market and sell books, magazines, digital content, and advertising space to consumers and businesses.
  20. Restaurant Sales Recruiters: Specialists in sourcing sales talent for the restaurant and foodservice industry, critical for restaurants, catering companies, and food distributors to drive revenue through effective sales strategies targeting consumers and commercial clients.
  21. SaaS Sales Recruiters: Experts in recruiting sales professionals for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, crucial for organizations offering cloud-based software solutions to businesses seeking efficient and scalable software platforms.
  22. Sales Engineer Sales Recruiters: Proficient in finding sales engineers who combine technical expertise with sales skills, essential for companies selling complex technical products and solutions to businesses requiring specialized support and customization.
  23. Sales Operations Associate Recruiters: Skilled in identifying talent for sales operations roles, vital for optimizing sales processes, managing data and analytics, and supporting sales teams to improve efficiency and drive revenue growth.
  24. Sales Manager Sales Recruiters: Specialized in recruiting sales managers and leaders, critical for companies to build high-performing sales teams, set strategic sales objectives, and provide guidance and support to drive sales success.
  25. Software Sales Recruiters: Focused on sourcing sales professionals for software companies, indispensable for organizations offering software products and solutions to businesses across various industries, driving digital transformation and efficiency.
  26. Supply Chain Sales Recruiters: Experts in recruiting sales talent for supply chain and logistics companies, crucial for organizations involved in the transportation, warehousing, and distribution of goods to effectively market their services and solutions to clients.
  27. Veterinary Sales Recruiters: Proficient in finding sales representatives for veterinary products and services companies, essential for ensuring that veterinarians and animal care professionals have access to essential supplies, medications, and equipment to support animal health and well-being.
  28. Private Equity Sales Recruiters: Specialize in sourcing top-tier PE sales professionals for private equity firms, focusing on roles within portfolio companies or investment teams.
  29. Chief Revenue Officer Recruiters: Identify and place CRO executives with expertise in driving revenue growth and overseeing sales strategies at the highest levels of organizations.
  30. Outsourced SDR Recruiters: Assist companies in finding and hiring outsourced Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) who specialize in generating leads and qualifying prospects for the sales team.
  31. Remote Sales Recruiters: Specialize in finding sales professionals who excel in remote work environments, leveraging technology and virtual communication tools to drive sales success.
  32. National Sales Recruiters: Connect companies with talented sales professionals across the country, sourcing candidates for a wide range of industries and sales roles on a national scale.

revpilots sales recruiting

What are the Best Sales Recruiting Tips for Sales Divisions? 

  1. Develop an employee value proposition that appeals to salespeople – lucrative compensation, career development, culture, etc.
  2. Foster relationships with college career center contacts to tap into soon-to-graduate sales talent. Offer internships.
  3. If relevant, consider hiring candidates from outside industries who have transferrable sales abilities.
  4. Use assessment tools such as ZoomInfo and platforms like leaderboards to continually evaluate sales team members’ performance.
  5. Provide new hires robust sales skills training and transition support through things like mentors or ramp-up quotas.

Sales Recruiter Statistics from 2020 to 2024:

  1. Average Time-to-Fill:
    • The average time to fill a sales position typically ranged from 40 to 60 days. This can vary based on factors such as industry, location, and the specific requirements of the role.
  2. Turnover Rates:
    • Sales roles often experience higher turnover rates compared to other positions. The annual turnover for sales roles was around 20-30%. High turnover can impact team performance and increase recruiting costs.
  3. Training and Onboarding Investments:
    • Companies recognized the importance of training and onboarding in sales success. On average, businesses were investing between $2,000 to $5,000 per salesperson in training and development programs to enhance skills and improve overall performance.
  4. Use of Data and Analytics:
    • Data-driven decision-making has become integral to sales recruitment. Approximately 64% of companies were using data and analytics to assess the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies, helping them make informed decisions about candidate selection and overall hiring processes.
  5. Adoption of Virtual Hiring Events:
    • With the rise of remote work and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual hiring events gained popularity. Around 65% of companies in the sales industry reported hosting virtual career fairs and hiring events to connect with potential candidates efficiently.
  6. Referral Programs Impact:
    • Employee referrals continued to be a significant source of successful hires in sales. On average, companies reported that referrals accounted for approximately 30% of their total hires in the sales department. This underlined the importance of cultivating strong internal networks.

Updated: March 31, 2024 by RevPilots Founder Joe Benjamin

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