The Easiest Way To Buy Software and Services

Get customized recommendations, receive pricing, and any other info you need, without talking to salespeople.

Lead Generation

Get help cold emailing and cold calling to book qualified meetings.

Marketing Agency

Get help with SEO, content creation, and other marketing tasks.

And More…

Get custom recommendations from software to services

How it Works

We’ll save you hours per software or service provider by helping you shortlist vendors and then speak with them to get pricing, buy, renew and any get any information you need.


Define - Tell us about your software or service requirements.


See - Get personalized recommendations based on your specific needs.


Receive - Pricing and any other additional Information, we’ll acquire it for you.


Buy - Make a decision.

Learn how RevPilots can save you time and money

You’ll Like How You Can…

Save Time

We’ll do the research and talk to vendors

Save Money

Get multiple quotes to leverage for negotiations

Reduce Stress

We will talk to salespeople so you don’t have to

Get Buy In

Let us help you get your boss to sign off on a purchase

Stay Anonymous

Keep salespeople out of your inbox

Vetted Recommendations

Shorten your research and time to buy


Here are a few frequently asked questions

They’re similar but different. We still provide personalized recommendations and do the research and leg work. Service providers may have to provide a highly customized solution.

You don’t have to but getting at least two other price quotes for competitive products gives you leverage to negotiate. One of the easiest ways to get a discount is to tell a vendor you’re considering their competitor.

We can help with any of the leg work for acquiring info, sitting on sales calls, buying, negotiating, managing renewals, etc. so you don’t have to speak with salespeople.

For software, we’re industry agnostic, for services, we have more Sales and Marketing providers than other industries.

It depends on what you need help with. Often we have info like pricing. However, acquiring pricing from multiple vendor can take up to 1 to 2 weeks because of how they schedule sales calls.

Yup, we’ll record the calls so you can see the software.

You can stay anonymous until you need to pay the vendor/sign the contract for new purchases. For renewals, we’ll need to be introduced.

Become Buyer Centric