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Who Should Read This book?

This is written for early stage startup Founders who do not have a sales background, especially technical founders. This will help you get up to speed very quickly on all the basics of B2B sales as a startup Founder.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about B2B sales to get your first customers and become a confident founder who can sell.

The information contained in this book is foundational. There is no fluff.

The book contains 75 pages of useful sales guidance and actionable advice.

What Does The Book Cover?

Table of Contents

  • What is B2B Sales?
  • Be a consultant
  • Good Salespeople
  • Founders Must Sell
  • When Can I Hire My First Salesperson?
  • You Can Learn To Sell
  • Basic Outline of How Sales Works
  • Sizes of Companies
  • Questions You Need To Answer
  • How To Get Meetings With Prospects
  • Channels To Get Meetings
  • Prospecting Tips
  • Cold Email Best Practices
  • Cold Calling Best Practices
  • How To Get Business with LinkedIn
  • Creative Outreach Ideas
  • A Simplified Sales Process
  • Discovery Questions
  • Examples and Call Structure
  • Demo Call Best Practices
  • How To Run Pilots
  • Proposal Best Practices
  • The Sales Funnel
    Sales Tips
  • Top Sales Tips
  • Recommended Sales Tools
  • Get In Touch

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