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fintech sales recruiter

The 11 Best Fintech Sales Recruiting Firms in the US

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The financial services industry is constantly evolving and growing, with Fintech growing alongside it. When you’re looking to bolster your Fintech sales team with the right hire, a sales recruiting firm could be the key to finding the perfect candidate for your company. Below, we’ve outlined the 11 best Fintech sales recruiting firms you should consider.

Quick TLDR:

  • The market cap for the fintech sales industry is currently $294.74 billion and will hit $882.30 by 2030!
  • The average fintech sales job salary is $81,617 per year
  • A qualified fintech sales employee can significantly impact your fintech business
  • There are 11 reliable fintech sales recruiters in the USA all listed below:

fintech sales recruiter

Top 11 Fintech Sales Recruiting Firms

1. RevPilots: Best Fintech Sales Recruiter

RevPilots is the top recruiting firm for all Fintech sales jobs in North America. Get in touch today and book a slot to discuss your fintech sales needs (SDR, fintech sales exec, Enterprise, VP)– no matter if you are a fledgling startup, regional sales team, or global company.

2. Robert Half

Robert Half Fintech Sales Recruiters

Robert Half has a long-standing reputation in finance, accounting, and technology recruiting. Their specialized technology division likely includes a focus on fintech sales roles, given the intersection of finance and technology in fintech. Robert Half’s extensive network and deep understanding of the financial and tech industries make them well-suited to identify and place top fintech sales talent.

3. Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry Fintech Sales Recruiters

Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm that operates in various industries, including technology and financial services. They offer executive search, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and consulting services. Their expertise in leadership and talent consulting in the financial and tech sectors positions them to adeptly meet the unique challenges of recruiting in the fintech space, including sales roles.

4. Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart Fintech Sales Recruiters

Spencer Stuart is an executive search and leadership consulting firm known for its work in the technology and financial sectors among others. Their global reach and extensive industry knowledge enable them to source top talent for senior-level fintech sales positions. Spencer Stuart’s focus on leadership qualities ensures that they place individuals who can drive growth and navigate the complexities of the fintech market.

5. Heidrick & Struggles

Heidrick & Struggles Fintech Sales Recruiters for Leadership Teams

Heidrick & Struggles offers executive search, leadership assessment, and development services across various industries, including financial services and technology. Their experience in these sectors makes them a valuable partner for fintech companies looking to fill strategic sales roles. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion further enhances their ability to source a broad range of candidates for fintech sales positions.

6. Russell Reynolds Associates

Russell Reynolds Associates Global Fintech Sales Recruiters

Russell Reynolds Associates is a global leadership advisory and search firm that serves the financial services and technology sectors, among others. Their expertise in assessing and recruiting leaders capable of navigating digital transformation makes them particularly effective in the fintech space. Russell Reynolds’ approach to understanding the specific needs of their clients allows them to find sales professionals who can contribute to a fintech company’s success.

7. Harrison, Stone & Associates

Harrison, Stone and Associates Fintech Sales Recruiters

Harrison, Stone & Associates specializes in fintech recruiting, focusing on connecting pioneering startups and innovative financial technology companies with competitive and skillful talent. They emphasize forming lasting relationships with both employers and candidates, ensuring mutual and long-term benefits. Their expertise spans across various FinTech segments, including BankTech, InvestTech, RegTech, and more, making them a go-to for firms seeking leaders who can navigate and excel in the FinTech landscape​​.

8. Redfish Technology

Redfish Technology Fintech Sales Recruiters

Redfish Technology stands out with its established network of technology professionals across major tech hubs in the United States, including a deep insight into the finance industry. They offer Just in Time recruitment services, which deliver the right people quickly, complemented by additional services like industry trend reports and onboarding guidance for new hires. Their approach is tailored to meet the needs of the dynamic fintech sector​​.

9. Excelsior Search

Excelsior Search Fintech Sales Recruiters

Excelsior Search leverages a global candidate network nurtured over 20 years, specializing in the fintech and capital markets sectors. They offer a ‘total solution’ through their proprietary fintechSTAR service, ensuring clients access ‘star’ performers who significantly contribute to their businesses. Excelsior Search’s international search capability is tailored to meet the local needs of clients in major financial centers worldwide​​.

10. EC1 Partners

EC1 Partners Fintech Sales Recruiters

With a foundation in London and a strong global presence, EC1 Partners has become a leading fintech recruitment agency. Their consultants, many of whom have a background in fintech, coupled with their extensive network, deliver exceptional service to clients and candidates alike. EC1 Partners focuses on building long-term partnerships and provides insights on all aspects of fintech recruitment​​.

11. Impact Payments Recruiting

IMPACT Payment Fintech Sales Recruiters

Impact Payments Recruiting focuses specifically on the payments and fintech sectors, offering executive search and talent development services. They address the challenges of the rapidly changing landscape by pairing companies with the best talent to scale effectively. Their expertise spans a wide range of fintech areas, making them a strategic choice for companies looking to expand in this sector​​.

3 Things to Look for in A Fintech Sales Recruiter

3 things to consider when looking at various fintech sales recruiting teams and their processes:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizing the latest finance and investment research tools and software to optimize sales processes.
  • Creative Sales Strategies: Developing unique approaches to reach clients and drive business revenue.
  • Adaptable Team: A flexible and agile team ready to pivot in the ever-changing fintech market.

Popular and Often Asked Questions about Fintech Sales Recruiting Firms

1. What Is the Average Salary Range for Fintech Sales Recruiters in the USA?

  • In the USA, the average salary range for fintech sales recruiters varies based on experience and location. Salaries typically range from around $50,000 to $120,000 per year, with opportunities for commission-based earnings as well.

2. How Do Fintech Sales Recruiting Firms Typically Source Candidates for Their Clients?

  • When sourcing candidates, fintech sales recruiting firms often leverage their extensive networks, employ targeted job postings, and utilize advanced data analytics to identify top talent. This approach ensures clients access a pool of qualified candidates efficiently.

3. What Qualifications and Experience Do Most Fintech Sales Recruiters Look for in Potential Candidates?

  • When fintech sales recruiters evaluate candidates, they seek experience in sales, preferably within the financial or tech sectors. Qualifications like a strong track record, communication skills, and a good grasp of technology are highly valued.

4. How Do Fintech Sales Recruiting Firms Stay Up-To-Date on Industry Trends and Changes?

  • To stay current on industry trends, fintech sales recruiting firms like yours often attend conferences, webinars, and industry events. By networking and engaging with thought leaders, you can gain valuable insights that help you make informed hiring decisions.

5. What Sets Apart Top Fintech Sales Recruiters From Average Recruiters in the Industry?

  • To excel as a top fintech sales recruiter, focus on networking within the industry, understanding tech advancements, and possessing strong sales acumen. Consistent learning and adapting to market changes set you apart from average recruiters in fintech.

The TLDR of the Top Fintech Sales Recruiters in 2024

Finding the right sales executive can be a challenge, particularly in the fintech industry. From the variety of sales titles to the wide range of salaries (The average fintech sales job salary in the U.S. in 2024 is $39.24 an hour or $81,617 per year), there’s much to consider before you even begin the interview process. Working side by side with a fintech sales recruiting firm can help ensure you hire the right person the first time.

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