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6 Best National Sales Recruiting Firms in the USA

Table of Contents

Hiring a national sales employee isn’t easy, which is why the right sales recruiters can make or break your next national sales director or associate. Below, we’ve compiled the top 6 national sales recruiting firms and their services to help you determine which one may hold the key to unlocking your national sales team’s full potential.

Quick TLDR:

  • The average national sales job salary is $87,787 per year
  • A qualified sales employee can significantly impact your business
  • There are 6 reliable national sales recruiters in the USA all listed below:

1) RevPilots

With over 15 years of national sales employee recruiting experience, RevPilots will help find the perfect national salesperson for your team. Based in New York City with a stellar reputation, RevPilots can help fill any role related to your national sales projects or assignments.

national sales hiring overview

2) Robert Half for National Sales Talent

When it comes to national sales recruitment, Robert Half, a global consulting firm established in 1948, has set the bar high with its industry-leading services. You’ll find Robert Half’s professional staffing approach unique, connecting you to top national sales talent across various industries, thanks to its global presence.

3) Kelly Services

Kelly Services offers versatile recruiting solutions, making them a go-to partner in education, healthcare, and public sectors. With a footprint in over 450 locations, this firm’s commitment to excellence is evident in the quality national sales staffing solutions they provide.

4) Adecco

If you’re in search of a truly experienced staffing firm, Adecco, with over 50 years in the industry, is a global professional that operates in more than 450 locations across the USA. This trusted partner delivers tailored national solutions for your specific needs, offering scalable staffing and professional services.

Here’s a snapshot of what Adecco brings to the table:

Experience Coverage Services
50 years 450 US locations Scalable staffing
Global staffing leader Trusted partner Tailored solutions
Talent acquisition expertise Wide reach Recruitment services
Specific needs understanding Professional approach Freedom-targeted solutions
Long-term partner Responsive service Industry knowledge

5) Korn Ferry

As a global powerhouse in the recruitment industry, Korn Ferry specializes in securing top-level national sales talent to meet your business needs. Their leadership in executive search is unrivaled, making them the go-to for building competitive teams.

Korn Ferry’s hands-on approach to sales recruitment guarantees precision and quality in sourcing top-tier sales talent that will drive your business forward. With over five decades of experience, they deliver professional services with an emphasis on diversity, understanding that varied perspectives enrich a team’s performance.

6) Randstad

When it comes to all-encompassing recruitment services, Randstad stands out as a global leader, offering both temporary and permanent national placement solutions tailored to your business’s specific hiring needs. Randstad’s expertise in the recruitment industry spans across multiple sectors, from technology to healthcare, providing professional staffing solutions that align with your business objectives.

Known for connecting top talent with reputable companies, Randstad is committed to delivering innovative staffing solutions, based on industry-leading recruitment practices. With their help, you have the freedom to onboard talent that fits your unique hiring requirements and propels your business forward.

Popular and Often Asked Questions About National Sales Recruiters

  1. What do national sales recruiters look for in candidates?
    • National sales recruiters usually seek candidates with a combination of strong communication skills, a track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets, industry knowledge, and adaptability. They often prioritize candidates who can demonstrate a deep understanding of the products or services they’ll be selling, as well as the ability to build and maintain client relationships effectively for a national sales team.
  2. How can I stand out to national sales recruiters during the hiring process?
    • To stand out to national sales recruiters, it’s essential to tailor your application materials to highlight your relevant experience and achievements in sales. Providing quantifiable results, such as exceeding sales quotas or securing significant deals, can help demonstrate your abilities effectively.
  3. What career opportunities are available through national sales recruiters?
    • National sales recruiters can connect candidates with a wide range of career opportunities in various industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and consumer goods. Entry-level positions may include sales representatives or account executives, while more experienced professionals may pursue roles such as sales managers, business development managers, or sales directors.

The TLDR of National Sales Recruiting Firms in 2024

Finding the right national sales recruiting firm can be full of challenges, which can be further complicated by the variety of sales titles and range of salaries (The average national sales job salary in the U.S. in 2024 is $87,787 per year) that will need to be considered when making your hires. The 6 firms we’ve compiled above all bring stellar reputations and documented success in helping companies like yours find the right national sales representatives.

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