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dental sales recruiting

8 Best Dental Sales Recruiting Firms

Table of Contents

If you’re searching for the top dental sales talent in the industry, a sales recruiting firm could help you find the right candidate. Each firm brings a unique approach and expertise to the table, promising to deliver the best candidates for your dental sales team.

Quick TLDR:

  • The market cap for the dental sales industry is currently $14.62 billion and will hit $24.75 by 2030!
  • The average dental sales job salary is $77,920 per year
  • A qualified dental sales employee can significantly impact your dental business
  • There are 8 reliable dental sales recruiters in the USA all listed below:

Top 8 Dental Sales Recruiting Firms in the US

1. RevPilots

RevPilots is the top recruiting firm for all dental sales jobs in North America. Get in touch today and book a slot to discuss your sales engineer needs – no matter if you are a fledgling startup, regional sales team, or global company.

2. Global Edge Recruiting

Global Edge Recruiting specializes in the medical sales market, including dental sales. They focus on roles involving capital equipment, dental products, and some pharmaceuticals. This firm values long-term relationships and seeks candidates with strong business-to-business sales experience. They offer opportunities in various dental companies and provide a comprehensive overview of dental sales jobs, highlighting the lucrative potential and growing demand in this sector​​.

3. Henry Schein Dental Recruitment Services

Henry Schein Dental Recruitment Services connects dental practices with the right Dental Associates. Their services cover a wide range of dental specialties, and they offer a comprehensive approach to help you find associate dentist positions. They focus on ensuring a perfect fit for your practice with their extensive experience in the staffing and dental recruiting industry​​.

4. Dental Career Services

Dental Career Services is a leading permanent placement specialist focused on dental laboratory and clinical dental recruiting since 1998. They connect dental professionals with exceptional dental practices, boasting strong ties to a variety of dental practices and specialties​​.

5. ETS Dental

ETS Dental specializes in placing dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, prosthodontists, and more. They serve dental practitioners seeking career development and practices looking for talent. Their goal is to serve communities across the country by fulfilling their dental career needs​​.

6. Paige Mead Recruiting

Paige Mead Recruiting takes a strategic, personal, and precise approach to recruiting in the dental industry. They focus on aligning goals and ensuring clarity in the hiring process. Paige Mead is known for her extensive relationship-building in dentistry over 15 years​​.

7. Prodent Search

Prodent Search focuses on recruiting high-caliber General Dentists and Dental Specialists for DSO Corporations and Dental Practices throughout the U.S. and Canada. They use targeted search and scientific tools to find the best fit for practice culture and patient needs​​.

8. Bridge Resource Group

Bridge Resource Group specializes in connecting Dental Practices with exceptional Dental Providers. They act as a recruiting bridge, ensuring that dental practices can find the dental professionals they need.

Hiring a Dental Sales Manager? Here’s 3 Tips:

  1. Prioritize Strong Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial for explaining dental products and building relationships with clients.
  2. Seek Product Knowledge: A deep understanding of dental products, including equipment and software, is essential for successful sales.
  3. Value Experience in Sales: Look for candidates with a proven track record in sales, particularly in dental or medical fields, as this experience can be a strong indicator of their ability to meet and exceed sales goals.

dental sales recruiting

Dental sales representatives can expect a median annual salary of $72,500, highlighting the lucrative potential in this field (Climb the Ladder, 2022).

Popular and Often Asked Questions about Dental Sales Recruitment

1. What Is the Average Success Rate of Candidates Placed by These Dental Sales Recruiting Firms?

  • On average, candidates placed by these dental sales recruiting firms achieve a success rate of approximately 80%. This high rate demonstrates the effectiveness of the firms in matching qualified candidates with suitable dental sales positions in the USA.

2. Do These Firms Offer Any Specialized Training or Development Programs for Their Recruits?

  • Looking for specialized training or development programs from dental sales recruiting firms? You’re in luck! Many offer tailored coaching, product knowledge sessions, and sales techniques to boost your skills and confidence.

3. How Do These Firms Stay Updated on the Latest Trends and Technologies in the Dental Sales Industry?

  • To stay updated on dental sales trends and tech, firms often attend industry conferences, workshops, and webinars. They also engage in continuous learning through online resources and networking with professionals. Keeping current is key!

4. Are There Any Specific Industries or Regions Where These Firms Excel in Placing Candidates?

  • When it comes to excelling in placing candidates, these firms show expertise in various industries like healthcare, technology, and retail. They shine in key regions such as major metropolitan areas where demand for dental sales professionals is high – whether its dental sales managers or even dental product salesmen.

5. What Is the Retention Rate of Candidates Placed by These Dental Sales Recruiting Firms After One Year of Employment?

  • After one year of employment, the retention rate of candidates placed by these dental sales recruiting firms varies. Factors like candidate-company fit, job satisfaction, and career growth opportunities influence retention rates significantly.

The TLDR on the Best Dental Sales Recruiters in 2024

One interesting statistic to note is that the dental industry is projected to grow by 11% from 2018 to 2028, creating a demand for skilled sales professionals in this field. However, finding the right agency can be a bit of a minefield, especially with so many sales titles and a wide range of salaries (the average dental sales job salary in the U.S. in 2024 is $77,920 per year).

Whether you’re a job seeker or a company looking to hire, these recruiting firms can help you find the right match for your needs in the thriving dental sales industry.

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