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Hire Vetted Full Time Sales Talent, Faster Increase Your Revenue Improve Sales Performance Overcome Sales Challenges

From SDRs to CROs, we can take over your recruiting and the front end of your hiring process so you’re only meeting the best candidates.

We Support Your Entire Hiring Process

Providing the best client experience is our goal. This means taking work off your plate, leveraging our expertise, and delivering the best candidates that fit your timeline.

Reduce Mis-Hires

Free Up Sales Leadership Time

Scale Up and Down Quickly

Improved Candidate Experience

Faster Time To Hire

Achieve Your Hiring Goals

Who Is a Good Fit?

Companies that want hiring help from a partner who can take a lot of work off their plate and be relied upon to deliver only the highest quality candidates are a good fit.

From the start, we’ll discuss what the ideal hire looks like and provide recommendations based on our experience. Afterwards, we will provide advice on how you should design the interview process. 

Our goal is to take as much time off your plate as possible to ensure you only meet with the best of the best. Then, we’ll help you create the job posting or edit one you’ve been working on.

We’ll post the job, distribute it in our private paid communities, and review our own RevPilots Talent Cloud for a fit. We’ll begin the sourcing and recruiting process to start filling the pipeline.

Once the pipeline is full, we begin our process that includes detailed screening, an aptitude test, an interview with a Fractional Sales Leader, and finally a skills assessment with project based work and evaluation. Finally, we’ll pass only the best candidates along to you.



Our Rigorous Vetting Process

We know that vetting salespeople is a time consuming, critical process. We make sure that anyone we work with can be trusted to perform.


Screening Interview


Aptitude Test


Interview with Fractional Sales Leader


Skills Assessment, Project Based Work, and Evaluation

Then we introduce the final candidates to your process.

Why Work With Us?

We were founded by a Sales Leader who grew frustrated with the promises of recruiting firms and the poor experience they provided to their clients and candidates. By focusing on high quality vetting of candidates, moving quickly, and providing transparency to clients, we provide a stellar experience that helps you hire the best talent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

20-25% per hire, discounts available for multiple hires.

We can discuss if Fractional or Full Time is the better option. We can also make sure you’re setup for success.

yes, we can do that as well.