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Algolia Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

Table of Contents

If you want to learn more about Algolia’s pricing, you have come to the right place. Choose the perfect plan for your business from Algolia’s pricing plans.

What Is Algolia?

The Algolia platform is an API platform that simplifies the pain of relevance tuning through artificial intelligence while maximizing the speed of search and discovery for businesses. Using an API-first approach, Algolia enables users to build composable experiences for any device with full control over the front and back ends. Providing contextual search with delightful discoveries throughout all customer journey stages through a highly reliable, secure, and scalable platform. Algolia’s search API delivers content in milliseconds using a powerful, fully hosted API. Developers can customize UX to meet the needs of their users and get insights into how they interact with it. Using Algolia Recommend, you can create e-commerce experiences that offer unique product recommendations. It is the best solution for 10,000+ companies like Lacoste, Twitch, Medium, and Stripe, which manage over 1 trillion searches per year with Algolia.

Algolia Overview


Algolia Pricing

Algolia’s pricing is broken down into three plans that provide different search volumes, defined as units, where one unit equals 1,000 searches. The platform has a pay-as-you-go-pricing model with simple usage-based pricing and no long-term commitments. You get volume discounts as your usage grows. The platform also offers additional discounts for annual or multi-year commitments.

Algolia Pricing Plans

Alogolia’s pricing plan starts at $1 per unit per month for the Search Plan and $0.60 per 1,000 requests per month for the Recommended Plan is divided  The Search Plan is further divided into Standard and Premium. It is intended for individuals and teams that need a fast and relevant search API. There are 1,000 records available in the plan. The Premium plan is designed to provide users with quick and relevant search and navigation using an advanced API. In comparison to the standard plan, this plan offers additional features like a visual editor, personalization, and dynamix re-ranking. There are 1,000 records available in the plan. In addition, you can add recommended requests at a cost of $0.60 per 1,000 requests.

Algolia Enterprise Pricing

The Enterprise edition is a feature-rich option for businesses at scale who are looking for extra security, compliance and support. It also includes advanced access and admin management. Algolia’s pricing for Enterprises is a custom plan and you will have to contact sales for a personalized quote. 

Algolia Product Comparison

Algolia’s pricing plans are subscription based. 

  • Free plans are available, which serve up to 10,000 search requests per month.
  • Algolia Search is a $1 per unit per month plan (20% off if you pay annually) that includes analytics. They also have a Premium package, a $1.50  per unit per month plan (20% off if you pay annually) with advanced features such as custom rules, merchandising, and customization.
  • Algolia Recommend provides flexible, hosted recommendation APIs with advanced programming functions. This is a $0.60 per 1,000 requests per month plan that includes related products and frequently purchased features.
  • Depending on your business’s search volumes and the specific features you need, you can also create a custom package.

How Much Does Algolia Cost?

Algolia pricing editions range from $0 to $1.50. There are additional paid features available with committed usage. There are additional professional services available as an add-on by paying extra.

If Algolia Pricing Is Too High, Check Out These Algolia Alternatives

The following are a few of the most popular alternatives to Algolia that offer similar features and functionality.

  • Segmentify – Recommendation software for e-commerce that is personalized based on your preferences.
  • Elasticsearch – Provides a complete set of tools and extensible APIs that make it easy to build search solutions and deliver the best results.
  • Ewiz commerce – A B2B eCommerce platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing automation.
  • SLI Systems –  Offers a complete website search tool with a client dashboard that lets users update search criteria instantly and edit results in real-time


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