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intricately Pricing

Intricately Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans

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Are you looking for Intricately pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much Intricately costs and see alternatives to Intricately. Intricately is a sales intelligence for B2B people who sell and market technology products, with the goal of assisting companies in finding the right accounts and seizing every opportunity to connect in a value-driven way through product adoption, usage, and spend data, which provides real-time insight into buyer demand and purchasing behavior in the cloud.

What Is Intricately?

Intricately is the tool for sales intelligence for B2B people who sell and market technology products. It provides companies with invaluable insights about their target accounts that help them seize development opportunities unique to that market. Intricately offers organizations up-to-date, real-time data on buyer demand and purchasing behavior in the cloud, helping them accurately predict potential customers and grow their sales pipeline. Intricately delivers comprehensive analytics related to product adoption, usage, and spend, so companies can create value-driven connections and take a targeted approach to expanding their customer base.

Intricately Pricing

Intricately offers two pricing plans: Sales Team and Enterprise.

Their price options include features that can be changed to fit the needs of your business. They also provide clients with the needed features and discounts if billed annually. 

PlansSales TeamCustom
Price/per account/month$149/per account/per monthTBD

Intricately Pricing Plans

The Sales Team costs around $149 per account per month and includes the following:

  • Smarter, Faster prospecting
  • 500 enrichments
  • 500 Smart Lists
  • Salesforce Assistant 
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Target Account Planning
  • Renewal date identification

The Custom costs have yet to be discussed per account per month and include the following:

  • Define Ideal Customer Profile
  • Conduct Account Enrichment 
  • Map Total Addressable Market
  • Account Assignment
  • Unlimited Data Access
  • Unlimited Enrichments
  • Salesforce Assistant with Custom views
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Integrations

Intricately Product Comparison

Intricately is the solution when it comes to sales intelligence for those in B2B technology. It assists companies by giving them the necessary data and information to optimize their approach when connecting with valuable accounts, quickly segueing from prospects into concrete opportunities. Its Product and Pricing enable clients to get an idea of where their product or service lies among competitors. With Intricately’s real-time insight into consumer purchase demand, businesses have all the guidance they need to make smart decisions about when and how to increase engagement with accounts to their benefit. Intricately truly provides everything a business needs for marketing tech products in the ever-shifting B2B arena.

How Much Does Intricately Cost?

Intricately is a sales intelligence tool designed to give B2B technology sellers and marketers an unprecedented view into buyer demand and spending habits. Thanks to Intricately’s product adoption, usage, and spend data analytics capabilities, it provides businesses with real-time insight that can inform marketing decisions and drive growth in the cloud. Intricately is designed to provide companies with intel that can help them acquire the right accounts and maximize every potential opportunity. Intricately’s price varies depending on the needs of each person or business — contact Intricately for more information about pricing options. You may have to contact customer service support for customized needs.

Alternatives To Intricately If Pricing Is Too High

  • Datanyze
  • HG Insights
  • ZoomInfo SalesOS
  • Cognism
  • UpLead
  • 6sense Revenue AI
  • Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cloud
  • Clearbit Data Activation Platform

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