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power automate Pricing

Power Automate Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

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If you are seeking information on Power Automate’s pricing, you have found the right source. Select the ideal pricing plan for your business needs from the available options offered by Power Automate.

What is Power Automate?

Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft that allows users to create and automate workflows between different applications and services. With Power Automate, users can connect to various data sources, such as SharePoint, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, and many more, and create automated workflows to perform repetitive tasks and save time. Power Automate also offers a variety of pre-built templates and connectors, making it easy for users to get started with creating their workflows. Power Automate is used by businesses of all sizes and across various industries. Since it can be beneficial for any organization looking to increase productivity, reduce manual effort, and streamline business processes whether you are in the healthcare, finance, education or retail and manufacturing industries. 


Power Automate Pricing

Power Automate’s pricing plan depends on the features and capabilities that you require and offers several plans, including a free plan, a per-user plan, and an attended RPA plan. There is also a pay as you go plan.

Power Automate Pricing Plans

Power Automate’s pricing are divided into three tiers. Here are the details of each plan:

  • Free Plan: This plan is free of cost and includes basic features such as creating flows with up to 750 runs per month and connecting to a limited set of data sources.
  • Per-User Plan: This plan costs $15 per user per month and includes more advanced features such as creating unlimited flows, connecting to a wide range of data sources, and running UI flows.
  • Attended RPA Plan: This plan is designed for attended robotic process automation (RPA) scenarios, where users need to interact with the automation. The pricing for this plan starts at $40 per user per month and includes features such as creating and running attended RPA bots.
  • Per-Flow Plan: Starts at $100 per flow per month with a minimum of 5 flows. With this plan, anyone within an organization can run digital process automation (DPA).

Alternatively, there are a number of Pay-as-you-go plans which starts at $0.60 per flow run.

Power Automate Enterprise Pricing

The Power Automate’s pricing for Enterprises is available as part of the Microsoft Power Platform, which includes other services such as Power BI and Power Apps. There are two main pricing options. The per-user plans are designed for organizations that require their users to run many workflows. These plans can go up to $500 per user per month for the highest tier plan. The per-flow plans are designed for organizations that require a large number of workflows but do not need each user to have access. Pricing can go up to $40,000 per month for 500,000 flows.

Power Automate Product Comparison

Power Automate’s pricing plans are subscription based. Here is a comparison of the different versions of the service

Power Automate Free:

  • 750 flows per month
  • 15-minute checks
  • No premium connectors
  • No guaranteed service level agreement (SLA)

Power Automate per user:

  • Starts at $15 per user per month
  • Unlimited flows per user
  • 3-minute checks
  • Premium connectors available
  • 99.9% SLA

Power Automate per flow:

  • Starts at $500 per month for 5,000 flows
  • 1-minute checks
  • Premium connectors available
  • 99.9% SLA

In addition, there are also some features that are available only in the per user or per flow plans, such as business process flows, approval workflows, and UI flows.

How Much Does Power Automate Cost?

There are different versions of Power Automate flow and user based pricing plans available. Subscription plans start at $15 per user per flow and need-based plans start at $0.60 per flow run.

If Power Automate Pricing Is Too High, Check Out These Power Automate Alternatives

The following are a few of the most popular alternatives to Power Automate depending on your needs and budget

  • Zapier: This is a popular automation tool that allows you to connect apps and automate workflows and supports over 2,000 apps.
  • IFTTT: IFTTT (short for “If This, Then That”) is a free automation tool that allows you to create simple applets that trigger actions based on certain conditions.
  • Allows you to connect multiple apps and automate tasks and offers a drag-and-drop interface and supports over 200 apps.
  • Integromat: This tool enables you to create complex workflows that can handle multiple actions and conditions.vSupports over 500 apps and has a visual builder for creating workflows.
  • Workato: An enterprise-grade automation platform that offers advanced features like conditional logic, custom code, and API integration.


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