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We Help Early Stage Startups With Sales

Founders work with us to take their sales to the next level.

Who We Help

We work with B2B pre-seed to series A startup founders who usually have limited experience with sales. 

They’re often overwhelmed with the amount of work they have on their plate and need someone to come in and help with a variety of sales responsibilities. 

We help early stage startups that are struggling with sales. And startups that have hit their stride and need more sales manpower. We also help startups looking to add sales leadership but are not ready to make a full time hire.


Founder Coaching
We work with founders one on one, in a weekly advisory session to discuss sales challenges. And to make sure things are running smoothly.

Sales Strategy
We'll establish a sales strategy from the ground up. We will help you determine your ICP/IPP and how to convert your ICP/IPP into customers.

Sales Audit
We take a look at what's working, what's not working, and what needs to be done. We'll deep dive past wins, losses, and the current sales pipe to provide recommendations.

Sales Playbooks
We'll create SDR playbooks that enable individual contributors to scale up. It will speed up your new hire ramp time and improve outbound results.

Sales Process
We help you clearly define each step of the sales process and fully understand how to align that with the customer buying process.

Sales Tool Advice
There are thousands of sales tools. Let us make recommendations that will save you a ton of time and headache.

Sales Management
Founders are busy, we can step in as a temporary Head of Sales to help with one on ones, coaching, pipe reviews, and more.

Recruiting & Hiring
Reviewing resumes and screening candidates is time consuming. We can help save you time and make sure you're only interviewing the best.

LinkedIn Strategy
We'll provide a step by step plan on how you can leverage LinkedIn to book more meetings and generate new revenue. 

Sequence Building
If you've defined your ICP/IPP, have an SDR or two, and want to take your outbound to the next level, we'll write custom sequences.

Lead List Building
We work with vetted teams to source fresh leads based on the most recent available public data.

Special Events
We've helped companies generate high quality leads through unique events, custom trainings, and webinars. We'll design one specifically for your company.

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