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What Is – Everything You Need To Know

Table of Contents is a powerful content production platform for sales teams that leverages the evergrowing technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With this technology, companies are able to deliver personalized sales sequences and cadences to targeted prospects, in hopes of converting them to payer users with time. In addition to automating the creation of sales content, empowers sales teams to focus on building relationships with potential customers and closing deals. 

Their platform offers a range of features, including personalized messaging, lead generation, and performance tracking, enabling businesses to understand how they stack up against competitors when it comes to how well their sales engagement tactics are performing. With, businesses can revolutionize their sales outreach and achieve new levels of success.

What Is Used For? 

With operating as a sales engagement platform, they offer a number of different powerful features that can be tailored to specific sales scenarios, including outbound prospecting, inbound lead response, mid-cycle follow-up, customer success, event engagement, and trigger-based campaigns. The idea is that by automating these tasks, sales reps and teams alike can focus more on building meaningful relationships and spend less time on manual tasks

  • Outbound Prospecting
  • Inbound Lead Response
  • Mid-Cycle Follow-Up
  • Customer Success
  • Event Engagement
  • Trigger-Based Campaigns

For outbound prospecting, enables sales teams to identify and target potential customers with personalized messaging, increasing the likelihood of generating new leads. They accomplish this through targeted templates and cadences that use a language known for persuading prospects to respond. 

Next, with respect to using the platform for the inbound lead response, streamlines the process of following up with interested prospects, leveraging those automated messaging sequences so that marketers and/or sales teams can get a meeting on their calendars. 

To succeed at a mid-cycle follow-up, companies can access a range of sequence templates that are needed to nudge a client that has gone cold, or rather to obtain a quick reply after conducting a demo or meeting them at an event. 

With customer success, helps businesses build long-term relationships with customers by providing personalized support and resources. These templates for personalized messaging allow sales teams to prioritize their clients’ questions and concerns. 

After customer success, the platform can also serve event engagement. Meaning, that companies can handle internal events through or manage national conferences and tradeshows. 

The last use case for the service involves trigger-based campaigns. Company representatives can create their own email sequences that respond to prospect activity. So whether that includes new job postings, job statuses, or responding to new VC funding rounds, sales teams can take advantage of and write personalized cadences. 

Who Uses is a powerful sales engagement platform that offers a range of features that can help sales development representatives, account executives, and go-to-market teams streamline their workflows and achieve their goals more efficiently. Let’s learn more about how can help each professional position succeed down below

  1. Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)
  2. Account Executives (AEs) 
  3. Go-to-Market (GTM) Teams

For SDRs, can help them write personalized, cold emails 10x faster and create personalized emails throughout any sequence step. It also enables them to create multi-touch outbound sequences that are ready in seconds and develop inbound lead response campaigns. These features help SDRs increase email opening rates and book more meetings, allowing them to meet their KPIs more effectively. 

Next, with respect to assisting AEs, enables them to generate one-off emails to move deals quickly, manage their company-approved collateral, and create personalized LinkedIn messages and call scripts. 

Finally, for GTM teams, helps them drive revenue and create engaging content that scales. It enables them to develop social media and blog posts, create nurturing email sequences, and send invites and follow-ups, all of which can help them achieve their sales goals more efficiently.

What Does Do? 

With its basic, yet potent capabilities, supports sales and marketing teams by allowing them to personalize their sales outreach, create custom sales sequences, and manage sales content with ease.

  • Personalizes sales outreach. 
  • Creates custom sales sequences. 
  • Enables teams to manage sales content. 

The first capability of is its ability to personalize sales outreach. Teams can take advantage of machine learning and natural language provided by the platform to automate the creation of specific messages that target particular prospects. Through the incorporation of a prospect’s demographics, behaviors, and business needs, can help sales teams to craft highly personalized messages and outreach strategies that resonate with their target audience.

A second, yet main focus of this SaaS platform is the ability for teams to create custom sales sequences. With, sales teams can customize or select pre-built multi-step sales sequences that are tailored to the needs and preferences of their prospects. These sequences can include a variety of different touchpoints, such as email, phone, and social media interactions, and can be customized based on a wide range of factors, including prospect engagement and response rates. Hopefully leading to customer conversion. 

One of the last focus areas of is that it is a great way to manage sales content in a convenient location. Both sales and marketing teams can store and organize all types of content including emails, call scripts, demos, and more. Thus making it easier for companies to access and share important content across multiple departments. 

How Does Work?

The digital age continues to evolve into a world predicated upon using natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. With this in mind, takes advantage of these new developments to carry out its core features by using a generative large language model that is trained on company-specific data to create a unique brand voice.

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  2. Machine Learning (ML)
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

The generative large language model is used to create highly personalized content that is tailored to a client’s specific needs and preferences. This is accomplished by the model analyzing and learning from large amounts of data so that it can develop a unique ‘thought’ process that speaks in the voice of a particular brand. Features

At the heart of the platform, provides basic copy services to companies looking to improve their sales content. Whether that is through email sequences, personalized messaging, or call scripting enables sales and marketing teams to create meaningful content and build better relationships with their prospects

Content CreationContent Automation
Email SequencesLead Follow-Up
Pre-built TemplatesLead Generation

What Does Integrate With? has explicitly stated that it is committed to growing its ecosystem of integrations in order to best serve the needs of its clients. It brings natural language processing and artificial intelligence to the everyday tools that you love and use in your work routine. Let’s highlight some of the key integrations that provides for companies below. 

Who are’s Competitors and Alternatives? 

In the content management space, there are a number of other tools, competitors, and alternatives to think about when trying to improve your sales processes. These options include anything from standard AI writing tools to specific high-growth platforms focused on helping sales teams improve their engagement activities. Regardless of what tool you choose, each competitor or alternative offers its own unique solution that can help you succeed on the sales front

  1. Jasper: An AI writing assistant too that helps you generate media posts and marketing emails with efficiency. 
  2. Ryter: Generates copy for your emails and ad campaigns with catchiness and conversion in mind. 
  3. Outreach: A sales execution platform that helps teams leverage artificial intelligence to create go-to-market activities. 
  4. Dooly: Reduces sales time so that teams can effectively share important content information to drive revenue. Pricing 

From a pricing perspective, offers four distinct plans for interested parties to choose from. These plans include the Free, Pro, Small Business, and Enterprise versions, which all differ in the features that they offer. Keep in mind that each monthly cost is billed on an annual basis

Small Business$89/mo.
Enterprise Contact Sales. 

With these plans in mind, you may want to consider visiting their website to learn more about how each pricing package differs. They each vary on the features such as the number of team members that can have access, how many templates are available, the level of customer support provided, and more. 

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