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Sales Director vs VP of Sales vs Head of Sales

Sales Director vs VP of Sales vs Head of Sales: Understanding Key Differences and Responsibilities

Table of Contents

In this article, we’ll compare a Sales Director vs VP of Sales vs Head of Sales to see the differences across skills, responsibilities, job descriptions, salary and more.

Introduction to Sales Leadership Roles

Each leadership role within a sales organization carries distinct responsibilities critical for achieving sales goals. Sales recruiters often say that a it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the structure that shapes the sales hierarchy and drives industry success.

What Is a Sales Director

A Sales Director is accountable for strategizing and executing the organization’s sales objectives. They typically oversee sales managers to ensure that the sales team is aligned with the company’s vision and targets. Their decisions influence long-range planning, and they must adeptly analyze market trends to position their organization competitively.

What Is a VP of Sales

A Vice President (VP) of Sales is often one step above the Sales Director, taking a vital leadership role in developing the company’s sales strategies. This person is a senior executive who collaborates closely with other corporate officers to make decisions that drive the entire sales org forward. The VP of Sales usually owns the sales results, providing critical insights and directions to surpass the overall sales goals.

What Is a Head of Sales

The Head of Sales is a title typically synonymous with VP of Sales, but can also relate to the top sales leadership position in an organization, including a Sales Director. The precise responsibilities can vary by company, but generally, the role involves leading the sales team, setting and achieving sales targets, and working to scale the sales department as the organization grows.

sales director vs vp of sales vs head of sales

Job Descriptions

In the hierarchy of sales leadership, distinct responsibilities and qualifications define the roles of Sales Director, VP of Sales, and Head of Sales. Each plays a pivotal part in crafting sales strategy, driving revenue, and overseeing the sales team’s performance.

Sales Director Job Description

The Sales Director is responsible for the overall productivity and effectiveness of the sales department. They typically possess a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or a related field, often supplemented by leadership training programs.

Key Duties:

  • Strategy Development: Formulate and execute sales strategies to meet company objectives.
  • Team Leadership: Lead sales managers and representatives, providing mentorship and performance assessments.


  • Often requires several years of sales experience, preferably in a managerial role.
sales director job description

VP of Sales Job Description

The VP of Sales, often holding at least a bachelor’s degree in Business or a relevant field, sets the high-level direction for sales efforts and may be involved in planning with the finance department for forecasting and budgeting.


  • Sales Goal Setting: Establish sales targets and construct strategic plans to achieve them.
  • Cross-departmental Collaboration: Work closely with marketing, product development, and finance teams to align sales objectives with company goals.


  • This role typically demands a robust background in sales management and a track record of successful sales performance.
vp of sales job description

Head of Sales Job Description

A Head of Sales, interchangeable with a VP of Sales in some organizations, oversees the entire sales organization’s structure and growth. The position necessitates a comprehensive understanding of sales, management, and business principles, usually backed by an advanced degree like an MBA.

Focus Areas:

  • Sales Forecasting: Use data-driven approaches to forecast sales trends and adapt strategies accordingly.
  • Sales Training: Implement training programs to enhance the sales team’s skills and knowledge.


  • Extensive experience in sales leadership is crucial, with an emphasis on proven ability to lead and scale sales operations.
head of sales job description

Responsibilities and Salary Comparisons

The roles of Sales Director, VP of Sales, and Head of Sales each come with distinct responsibilities and compensation levels, reflecting their position within an organizational hierarchy and success measurements such as sales targets and customer satisfaction.

Sales Director Responsibilities vs VP of Sales Responsibilities vs Head of Sales Responsibilities

Sales Director: A Sales Director typically oversees a company’s sales operations, working to align the sales strategy with market trends. Their responsibilities often include setting sales targets, defining sales processes, and ensuring the team’s performance meets established goals. They focus on both short-term results and long-term strategy.

VP of Sales: The Vice President (VP) of Sales holds a more strategic role, often involved in the planning and execution of high-level growth strategies. They work closely with other executives to ensure the sales department contributes to the company’s success. Their responsibilities extend to forecast planning, analyzing market trends, and expanding the company’s market share.

Head of Sales: While similar to the Sales Director, the Head of Sales usually takes on a role that bridges operational sales management and higher-level strategy. They are tasked with maintaining customer satisfaction, adjusting the sales model to current market trends, and steering the sales team towards achieving and surpassing sales targets.

Sales Director Salary vs VP of Sales Salary vs Head of Sales Salary

RoleAverage Salary
Sales Director$130,000 – $150,000+
VP of Sales$180,000 – $210,000+
Head of Sales$140,000 – $160,000+

Salaries vary widely depending on the industry, size of the company, geographical location, and the individual’s experience. Compensation often includes a base salary and a performance-based bonus.

The VP of Sales typically commands the highest compensation due to their broader responsibilities and impact on the company’s growth and profitability. The Sales Director and Head of Sales follow, with their salaries reflecting their involvement in daily sales operations and the achievement of specific targets.

Job Title Hierarchies

In most organizations, the hierarchy within the sales department is clearly defined, and understanding the ranking can be crucial for both internal team members and external stakeholders.

Which Job Title Is Higher, Sales Director vs VP of Sales vs Head of Sales?

The titles of Sales Director, VP of Sales, and Head of Sales are often used to describe senior-level positions with considerable responsibility. The hierarchy of these titles can vary depending on the organization’s size, the industry it operates in, and the company’s structure. However, traditionally, the VP of Sales (Vice President of Sales) is seen as the higher-ranking role compared to a Sales Director and a Head of Sales.

The VP of Sales typically oversees the broader sales strategy, often sitting on the executive board and reporting directly to the CEO or another high-ranking corporate officer. This role involves significant influence over company-wide sales initiatives and driving the overall revenue growth.

A Sales Director, on the other hand, usually manages specific sales areas or regions, focusing more on the implementation of sales strategies set by higher management. They tend to have less influence on company-wide strategy compared to the VP of Sales, though they are heavily involved in tactical execution and overseeing sales teams.

The title Head of Sales can sometimes be synonymous with Sales Director, though at times it may also be used interchangeably with VP of Sales. It is less standardized across the industry and can represent someone leading the sales function overall or a division within a larger sales organization.

Across industries, the hierarchy typically follows this pattern:

RankJob Title
1VP of Sales
2Sales Director
3Head of Sales

The precise responsibilities and authority of each role can shift with the specifics of a company’s internal structure and the way it chooses to differentiate between these positions. It’s also important to note that some companies may merge these roles or distribute responsibilities differently, further emphasizing the importance of understanding the particular context of an organization’s hierarchy.

Key Skills and Qualifications

The success of individuals in senior sales positions is often predicated on their possession of a core set of skills and qualifications. This profile includes leadership excellence, strategic orientation, adept planning capabilities, strong decision-making, incisive analytical skills, and exceptional communication abilities.

Skills of Sales Director, VP of Sales, and Head of Sales

LeadershipStrategy & PlanningDecision-Making & Analytical SkillsCommunication Skills
– Capable of inspiring and guiding a sales team.– Proficient in setting long-term sales targets and defining actionable steps to achieve them.– Makes informed decisions based on data analysis and predictive modeling.– Articulate and clear in both written and verbal communication styles.
– Experienced in developing and leading training programs to enhance sales team performance.– Skilled in resource allocation and sales forecasting to optimize performance.– Utilizes market research to guide strategic choices and to provide a competitive edge.– Strong in negotiating deals and persuasive in pitching sales strategies to stakeholders.
– Demonstrates the ability to manage cross-functional teams and work collaboratively.– Expert in developing sales strategies that align with the company’s overall business objectives.– Able to break down complex data into understandable and actionable insights for the team.– Possesses active listening abilities, ensuring effective two-way communication.

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