Outsourced BDR

Hiring an Outsourced BDR

Outsourced business development representatives (BDR) are an increasingly adopted strategy by companies to drive more top of the funnel opportunties. The primary goal of a BDR is to initiate and develop sales relationships with potential customers. By outsourcing such functions, … Read More

Is Outsourcing Maximizing Your Efficiency? These Industries Prove Its Positive Impact

While many companies would like to keep things in-house for their products and projects, sometimes having to outsource is the smartest thing to do. Outsourcing involves hiring a third party to handle work that a business is not able to … Read More

Customer Success Consultant

Hire a customer success consultant

In the dynamic world of business, customer success is an increasingly key factor in driving growth and ensuring a company’s longevity. As a result, the role of a customer success consultant has gained prominence in recent years. These professionals work … Read More

how to hire a sales manager

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Sales Manager –

Hiring a sales manager is a crucial step in the growth and success of a business. Sales managers hold a significant responsibility, overseeing the sales team and ensuring they meet or exceed their targets. To hire the right sales manager, … Read More

Fractional Roles

Fractional Roles – Executive, Leadership, and Individual Contributors

The business landscape has evolved rapidly over the past decade, giving rise to new employment structures such as fractional roles, which provide a flexible working environment to both employees and employers. Fractional roles offer an alternative to traditional full-time and … Read More