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CircleCI Pricing

CircleCI pricing – Actual prices for all plans, including enterprise

Table of Contents

CircleCI pricing plans, are user-specific. For each plan, there are different prices per-user monthly plans that can be selected. This article provides an overview of the platform and its pricing so that you can compare its costs, features, and benefits.

What is CircleCI?

CircleCI is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, the hub for moving code from idea to production, and the platform that makes it all possible. Easily integrates with Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitHub Enterprise. The platform has been used by companies such as Coinbase, Stitch Fix, Spotify, Kickstarter, Facebook, Heroku, and BuzzFeed to improve the productivity of the engineering teams, release great products, and get their products to market more quickly.

Apart from this many startups and Fortune 10s trust CircleCI to automate the testing and development process for their products. Keeping these companies in mind-both small and large-scale Circleci pricing plans have been designed.

CircleCI Overview

CircleCI Pricing

The CircleCI pricing is divided into four editions.

It is also possible to get started with CircleCI for free.

It also offers three types of subscriptions – a Performance plan, a Scale Plan, and a Custom plan (or a Monthly plan with a Custom price). When you sign up, you will be able to see the Circleci pricing details so you can choose which plan you want to subscribe to.

CircleCI Pricing Plans

The CircleCI pricing plans can be tailored to support any team size, project type, and computing demand. It is both Cloud and Server-based.  To get started you can review the various CircleCI pricing plans and choose one based on your requirements.

No charge$15$2000Custom pricing.
Pricing Model: Flat RatePricing Model: Flat RatePricing Model: Flat RatePricing Model: Flat Rate
Payment Frequency: Per MonthPayment Frequency: Per MonthPayment Frequency: Per MonthPayment Frequency: Custom
Take advantage of your minutes in a more effective way. Get the best CI/CD for your team.With the plan, your business has the flexibility it needs.Your business will have enterprise-level confidence with the plan.Whether you are running CircleCI in-house or in a private cloud, the platform provides the power you need.

CircleCI Enterprise Pricing

With the enterprise-level plan, the price starts at $2,000 per month and includes the largest resource list, a customizable number of build minutes, as well as high levels of flexibility when it comes to CI/CD performance. There is also a customized self-hosted server CircleCI plans for enterprise requirements. 

CircleCI Product Comparison

The new Free plan comes with 6,000 build minutes per month, unlimited users, the broadest range of resource classes, advanced insights, and more. Below is a comparison chart for each of the plans

CreditsMonthly credits of 30,00055,000 credits per month includedCustomCustom
Users5 active users includedCustomCustom
Compute & Advanced Features Build on CircleCI with 30,000 credits per month for freeScale your credit package in accordance with your build activityCustomCustom
Network1 GB Included5 GB Included50 GB Included
Storage2 GB Included2 GB Included200 GB Included

How much does CircleCI cost?

A CircleCI pricing subscription starts at $15 per user per month. The pricing plans can be broken down into – 

  • Performance Plan – You only pay for what you use. Build your business with flexibility in mind. Monthly rates start at $15
  • Scale Plan – Supporting high-performing teams at enterprise level. Monthly rates starting at $2,000
  • Server Plan – Get the power of CircleCI, in the cloud or on-premises. The server is self-hosted. Pricing tailored to your needs.

A Free Circleci Pricing plan is also available for you to get started. CircleCI also offers a Free Plan with limited features.

If CircleCI Pricing is Too High, Check Out These Circleci Alternatives

Listed below are some of CircleCI’s main competitors:

Circleci15per monthper userYes
Travis Ci69per monthYes
Gitlab19per monthper userYes
Github4per monthper userYes
Semaphore20per monthYes
Bitrise36per monthYes
Codefresh34per monthNo
Deploybot25per monthNo
Appveyor29per monthYes

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