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Datadog Pricing

Datadog Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Including Enterprise

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Datadog’s pricing could interest you if you are looking for a monitoring and analytics platform geared toward cloud applications. It is a SaaS-based solution for large-scale applications and infrastructure.

What Is Datadog?

Datadog is an essential tool for businesses that utilize cloud applications. DevOps and Information Technology teams can use it to determine performance metrics and monitor events for infrastructure and cloud services. Databases, servers, and tools can be monitored by the software. With its real-time log analysis, containers, databases, applications, metrics from servers, and end-to-end tracing, Datadog supports full-stack observability with timely alerts and insightful visualizations, and offers more than 400 vendor-supported integrations including forecast monitoring, anomaly detection, APM libraries for several languages, and live process monitoring. 

Datadog pricing has several tiers to fit your needs. The platform calculates fees according to each calendar month’s product usage.

Datadog Pricing

Datadog’s pricing plans are fit to scale. The pro version starts at $15 per host per month and the enterprise version starts at $23 per host per month. It is free to use for up to five hosts

Datadog’s pricing models use a consumption-based pricing approach, with options for pay-as-you-go or subscription terms. There is a 14-day free trial included in all plans. The plans include custom metrics and events, data retention options, metric alerts, and email support.


Datadog Pricing Plans

Here are the key Datadog pricing models to consider:

  • Pro (Infrastructure): $15 per host per month when paid yearly. With Pro, you can centralize your monitoring systems, services, and a host of other features.
  • Enterprise (Infrastructure): $23 per host per month when paid yearly. With Enterprise, you will have access to advanced features and administrative controls.
  • Database Monitoring: $70 per host per month when paid yearly. Using database-generated metrics, the Database Monitoring plan tracks normalized query performance and provides insights, clusters, and applications for database hosts.
Infrastructure Pro Hosts per hour$0.03/unit
Added Containers per hour$0.002/unit
Added Custom Metrics per hour (per 100 Metrics)$0.008/unit
APM Hosts per hour$0.06/unit
APM Analyzed Spans per hour – 15-Day Retention (Per 1 Million)$2.55/unit
Indexed Log Events per hour – 15-Day Retention (Per 1 Million)$2.55/unit
Logs Ingested per hour (Per 1 GB)$0.10/unit
Synthetics API Tests per hour (Per 10K test runs)$7.20/unit
Checks of Synthetic Browsers per hour (Per 1K test runs)$18/unit
Serverless Functions per hour (no longer offered)$0.012/unit
Fargate Tasks per hour$0.002/unit
Network Hosts per hour$0.012/unit
Monitoring of Real User Sessions per hour (Per 10K Sessions)$18/unit
Analysis of Security Logs per hour (Per 1 GB)$0.30/unit
Network Devices per hour$0.017/unit
Serverless Invocations (Per 1M Invocations) per hour$7.20/unit
Number of Profiled Hosts per hour$0.038/unit

Datadog Enterprise Pricing

The Datadog pricing plan for enterprises starts at $23 per host per month, billed annually or $27 on-demand for a minimum of 100 hosts. It includes advanced features and administrative controls like unlimited machine learning-based alerts, custom metrics, automated insights, container monitoring, live processes, and premium support.

Datadog Product Comparison

The platform offers a wide range of features and competitive data. However, Datadog’s pricing is relatively expensive for freelancers, new marketers, and startups. There are, however, some excellent alternatives on the market worth exploring. Moz and Ahrefs are the leading competitors. 

How Much Does Datadog cost?

Datadog’s pricing ranges from $15-$70 per database host per month if paid yearly, and $18-$84 for on-demand pricing. It follows a subscription-based or pay-as-you-go model.

If Datadog Pricing Is Too High, Check Out These Alternatives

Listed below are the top alternatives for Datadog:

  • ManageEngine Applications Manager: Designed to track data centers and applications, databases, and systems, ManageEngine Applications Manager offers businesses an application management solution.
  • Network Performance Monitor: This solution allows users to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues related to network performance.
  • ConnectWise Automate (Formerly LabTech): Tracks and manages IT assets from a single location through a cloud-based or on-premise solution.

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