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DealSignal Pricing

DealSignal Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

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Are you looking for DealSignal pricing? Well, we have got you covered. Different pricing options are offered based on your business needs, so you can check out how much they cost. DealSignal is an inclusive B2B data platform that provides a wide range of accurate leads and contact info to boost your marketing and sales outreach by SDRs.

What is DealSignal?

DealSignal is a platform that has access to millions of companies worldwide and provides you with verified contact info and B2B data to maximize all your marketing strategies. Any business owner can utilize this data platform to connect with their target audience to produce more meetings.

If you’re looking for more prospects and leads to improve your performance, DealSignal effectively captures leads online and creates prospect lists, like cold call lists.

DealSignal Pricing

DealSignal offers three different pricing plans with a range of features. You can sign up for a demo and see how well the software works for your business needs. 

All the annual payment plans are as follows:

Price Per Month$499Custom PricingCustom Pricing

DealSignal Pricing Plans

Sales and marketing teams can benefit from DealSignal as it provides access to detailed profiles, corporate info, and all mailing addresses. The information is verified and can be used for cold outreach, like cold emailing and cold calling. 

The DealSignal Starter Plan allows 1 administrator and 3 users to search all the targeted information and contacts. It verifies all data and you can easily export it to CRM or CSV. The following features are also offered:

  • Chrome extension for targeting prospects
  • Verified work and personal mailing address
  • Build accurate decision-making lists

The DealSignal Professional Plan has a custom pricing plan depending upon the features you choose. However, it allows up to 2 administrators and 50 users to view almost 450 million records available. This B2B Data plan includes

  • Intent data module
  • Fresh alerts about the status of target accounts and contacts
  • Integration to CRM or any sales platform
  • Inbound leads generation automatically

The DealSignal Enterprise Plan has a custom pricing range that varies based on the features you select. You get unlimited access to over 600 million records and contact info with the help of 3 administrators and 100 users. This plan also offers:

  • Multiple integrations with CRM and automation platforms
  • CRM data verification alerts
  • Intent data module
  • Complete target market leads
  • B2B ROI consulting

How Much Does DealSignal Cost?

You can get a custom quote according to the plan or functions you want but the price for the starter plan is as follows:

PlanPrice Per Year

If DealSignal Pricing is Too High, You Can Check Out These Alternatives

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