Table of Contents Pricing Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

Table of Contents pricing comes with different levels of subscription. Each plan will have its own pricing structure and subscribers will have access to a wide selection of features based on their requirements. You need to know which pricing plan is best for you when looking at the pricing plans.

What is is an online tool for recording meetings and transcribing them. With the AI-powered solution, sessions can be recorded over multiple web-conferencing platforms. Additionally, it is capable of transcribing audio files uploaded by individual organizations as well as live conference meetings. During playback of the audio, members can skim through the transcripts as they please. To allow employees to collaborate with other members of the team on the calls, the system allows them to comment on and mark specific sections of a call. Users can run detailed searches across action items and other highlighted metrics on any long-duration call in real time. With the integrated calendar, team members can either invite others to their meetings or have the software automatically join them. Within a few minutes of the meeting starting, the software sends an email with the transcription and recording of the meeting. Organizations can use to automatically populate CRMs with meeting logs, notes, and recordings. Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, and Zapier are all integrated with the platform. Pricing pricing model is broken down into freemium, quotation-based, and subscription plans. These packages are customizable and can be modified based on your team size. At present, there are four pricing tiers starting with the free plan that is suited for individuals who want to try the software out. The paid options include Pro $10 per seat/month, Business $19 per seat/month, and Enterprise with customizable pricing. All prices are annual pricing which is now available at a discounted rate. Pricing Plans

The pricing subscription includes three paid plans catered tp]owards individuals, small and large teams, and enterprise users. Each plan has a different price depending on its features. Payments made annually reduce the cost of the plan substantially. Enterprise plans, however, require an annual commitment.

The paid pricing plans do not include a free trial. However, it has a free/freemium version. The software also does not have any premium consulting and integration services. Set-up fees are optional

And the starting price does not include the configuration charges. Prices start at $18 per month per seat when paid monthly and $10 per month per seat when paid annually.

Enterprise Pricing

The Enterprise pricing plan is for teams with 51 and above members. The plan is customized and requires an annual commitment. The plan has unlimited transcription credits and unlimited storage capacity. Product Comparison has a free-for-life plan for individuals. The plan has limited transcription credits and 800 mins of storage/seat. The paid pricing plans are as follows:

For individuals and small teams
For fast-growing teams and businesses
For teams with 51+ members
$10 per seat per month if paid yearly
$18 per seat per month if paid monthly
$19 per seat per month if paid yearly
$29 per seat per month if paid monthly
Custom annual plans only
– Includes all features of the Free plan, plus
– Transcribing audio files and meetings
– Search for meetings
– Tracking topics
– Transcripts and recordings are available for download
– Integrations with CRM, Zapier, and Slack
– Customizable vocabulary1,500 mins of transcription/mo/user
– 8,000 mins storage for teams
– Includes all features of the Pro plan, plus
– Integrations are unlimited
– Transcribing past calls
– Access to APIs
– Support with priority
– 2,000 mins of transcription/mo/user- Storage is unlimited
– Includes all features of the Business plan, plus
– Higher rate limits
– Customized speech models
– An admin panel for the entire enterprise
– Payments by invoice
– Account manager dedicated to your account

How much does cost?

Fireflies pricing starts at $10 per seat, per month and goes over $29 per seat, per month. These are the three main pricing plans.

  • Pro- Suitable for individuals and small teams. Charges are $10/seat/month if paid yearly and $18 per/seat/month if paid monthly
  • Business- Suitable for fast-growing teams or businesses. Charges are $19/seat/month if paid yearly and $29 per/seat/month if paid monthly
  • Enterprise- Suitable for teams with 51+ team members. Custom annual plans only.

If Pricing is Too High, Check Out These Alternatives.

Among its key competitors are:

  • – Users can generate notes for lectures interviews, meetings, and any other voice conversations.
  • Avoma – Provides customer-facing teams with end-to-end AI meeting assistance.
  • Gong – Helps sales teams identify risk in deals by automatically capturing customer interactions
  • ExecVision – Drives better decision-making and performance through valuable conversation insights.

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