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follow up boss pricing

Follow Up Boss Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Including Enterprise

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Follow Up Boss’s pricing could interest you if you are looking for Real Estate CRM software that optimizes workplace workflows.

What is Follow Up Boss?

Following Up Boss is a customer relationship management application that helps real estate agents assign leads, manage inbound and outbound calls, and stay on top of pending and active clients through a unified interface. There are a number of key features included in the platform, such as two-way texting, bulk emailing, lead source reporting, call recording, appointment management, open-and-click tracking of emails, and more. The system also allows administrators to automate the process of drip engagement emails to the agents and call logging to the agents. The Follow Up Boss CRM will meet the needs of high-performing agents and growing teams by utilizing multiple lead sources and other tech tools their CRM needs to integrate with.


Follow Up Boss Pricing

Follow Up Boss pricing starts from $69 per month per user. All plans have a free trial available but there is no free version available. Additional features are available for $499 per month and $1000 per month

Follow Up Boss Pricing Plans

Follow Up Boss pricing is per user. The built-in dialer is an extra cost.

  • Grow – Starts at $69 per user per month when paid monthly or $57 per user per month when billed annually. Includes a free 14-day trial. An additional dialer cost of $39 per user can be added.
  • Pro – A flat rate of $499 per month for up to 10 users when paid monthly or $416 for the same number of users per month when billed annually. Includes a free 14-day trial. Each additional user costs $49 per month.
  • Platform – A flat rate of $1000 per month for up to 30 users when paid monthly or $833 for the same number of users per month when billed annually. Includes a free 14-day trial. Each additional user costs $20 per month.

Follow Up Boss Enterprise Pricing

The Platform plan is suited for Enterprise-class CRM users. Ideal for large teams and brokerages. Follow Up Boss’s pricing for the plan starts at $1,000 for up to 30 users per month. An additional 2 months of free subscription is offered if you opt for the annual plan. In this case, your charges effectively drop to $833 for up to 30 users per month.

Follow Up Boss Product Comparison

Follow Up Boss pricing has three models. The plans are suited for any business size and have a 14 days trial period. Every plan includes 7-day US-based phone and email support.

Full-featured CRM for solo agents and small teams.Advanced tools for ambitious teams chasing massive growth.Enterprise-class CRM for big teams and brokerages.
Per user plan with basic features such as auto lead follow-up, drip and batch emailing, mobile app access etc.Provides lead routing, reporting, lead management, leaderboards, call recording, and more for up to 10 usersIdeal for 30 users and includes API access in addition to the other features

How Much Does Follow Up Boss Cost?

Follow Up Boss pricing models start at $69 per month for the Grow Plan, $499 per month for the Pro Plan, and $1,000 per month for the Platform Plan. There is a free trial available. It costs extra to have a built-in dialer. Additional user charges vary based on the plan in use.

If Follow Up Boss Pricing Is Too High, Check Out These Follow Up Alternatives

Listed are the top alternatives for Follow Up Boss:

  • LionDesk – With LionDesk, enterprises can grow their businesses with an integrated CRM platform and marketing automation solution. Prices start at $21 per month.
  • Amazon Chime – Chime is a communications service from Amazon that lets you meet, chat, and place business calls from a single application. Free plan available.
  • HubSpot CRM – HubSpot CRM automates tasks for your sales team, allowing for more work with fewer data entry errors. Free plan available.

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