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SonarQube Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

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SonarQube pricing plans are clearly defined and help developers use the software to continuously inspect the code quality of their codebases. Software teams are able to produce better and safer software by using the tool’s clear remediation guidance. SonarQube is for all developers that want to build clean, secure applications.

What Is SonarQube?

SonarQube is one of the leading tools for empowering all types of development teams to solve code quality problems. By covering 29 programming languages and integrating with your existing software pipeline, SonarQube provides developers with clear remediation recommendations to understand and fix issues, and for teams to deliver safer better software. Developers, engineers, and information technology (IT) teams can use it for debugging and fixing vulnerabilities in source code. Static analysis can be performed on popular programming languages like Python and Java. Customers who typically use SonarQube include large, mid-sized, and small businesses.


SonarQube Pricing

The SonarQube pricing model is a subscription-based pay-as-you-go option starting from $150 (the Developer edition). There is a free downloadable open-source community edition. A free trial is also available for the premium plans.

SonarQube Pricing Plans

Whether it’s individuals, small teams, or Fortune 100 companies, the tool helps teams of all sizes solve code quality and security issues within existing CI/CD processes. The SonarQube pricing plans are devised to assist all user bases

  • Free Plan – This free plan is perfect for startups and small teams with up to 10 users.
  • Developer – From $150 – 100,000 lines of code
  • Enterprise – From $20,000 – 1 million lines of code
  • Data Center – From $130,000 – 20 million lines of code

SonarQube Product Comparison

SonarQube has been used by 300k+ organizations to deliver high-quality, secure code. 

Community EditionDeveloper EditionEnterprise EditionData Center Edition
More than 200,000 companies rely on it.Designed by developers for developersMeets the requirements of EnterprisesDesigned to provide high availability
>> Analysis of 17 languages’ static code
>> Identify vulnerabilities and bugs
>> Examine hotspots for security
>> Identify code smells and fix technical debt
>> Metrics and history of code quality
>> Integration with CI/CD
>> Extensible with more than 50 community plugins
>> All features of Community Edition plus: 
>> Code analysis of 29 languages
>> Injection flaw detection for Java, C#, PHP, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript
>> Analysis of maintenance and feature branches
>> Decoration of pull requests for GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, and GitLab
>> All features of Developer Edition plus:
>> Management of portfolios and executive reports in PDF format
>> PDF reports for projects
>> Security reports

>> Project Transfer
>> Analysis reports are processed in parallel
>> Support for Apex, COBOL, PL/I, RPG, VB6
>> All features of Enterprise edition plus:
>> Component redundancy
>> Dealing with data resilience
>> Scalability horizontally

SonarQube Enterprise Pricing

SonaQube pricing for the Enterprise edition starts from $20,000. The plan is specifically designed to meet Enterprise requirements. Checks up to 1 million lines of code.

How Much Does SonarQube Cost?

SonaQube pricing has three paid towers. It also offers a free and open-source version. The charges for the paid plans are based on the number of lines of code. 

  • Community Edition – Free and open-source; 
  • Developer Edition – Starting at $150; 
  • Enterprise Edition – Starting at $20,000; 
  • Data Center Edition – Starting at $130,000.

If SonarQube Pricing Is Too High, Check Out These SonarQube Alternatives

Here are the top alternatives that you can try out

  • Embold – Free scanning up to 50k LOC and 5 seats per user. The number of seats and LOCs per user can be increased as needed. Individuals and organizations can create unlimited public and private repositories on GitHub. There is no limit to the number of collaborators.
  • DeepSource – Starting at $8 this plan is for teams who are just starting with code reviews and need full access to all analyses

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