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GitHub pricing

GitHub Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans Including Enterprise.

Table of Contents

Need GitHub pricing to see how much GitHub will cost your organization? We can help you figure out GitHub pricing and provide alternatives. GitHub is a website and cloud-based service that helps developers store and manage their code, as well as track and control changes to their code. 

What is Github?

GitHub offers a cloud-based Git repository hosting service. Fundamentally, Github makes it a lot easier for personal users and teams to use Git for version control and collaboration. GitHub has a user-friendly interface that even novice coders would not have trouble using it. 

Without GitHub, using Git generally requires a bit more technical savvy and use of the command line. Due to its user-friendly interface,  some people even use GitHub to manage other types of projects like writing books. In addition, anyone can sign up and host a public code repository for free, which makes GitHub popular with open-source projects especially. However, GitHub is not a suitable platform for beginners to start programming. Beginners should first try to understand how to code.

GitHub Pricing

GitHub comes in three plans which are Free, Team, and Enterprise. It offers both monthly and yearly payment. If you are unsure if GitHub is a fit, you can always try out their Free plan.

The GitHub pricing for the plans are as follows:

Price/ Per MonthFREE$4 per user$21 per user
Annual DiscountFREE$44 per user/ year for the first 12 months$231 per user/ year
for the first 12 months

GitHub Pricing Plans

There are a great number of features available with the Free version of GitHub. By creating a login, users can use the platform for free, forever.

If you subscribe to the GitHub Free plan, you can start using the available features and it is free forever. This plan is not a trial version but rather a brief look at the software and all that it can offer. In the Free plan, you will get access to:

  • Unlimited public/ private repositories
  • Automatic security and version updates
  • 2000 CI/CD minutes/ month (free for public repositories)
  • 500MB of Packages storage
  • New issues & projects (in limited beta)
  • Community support 
  • And exclusive add-ons; GitHub Copilot Access

With the GitHub Team plan, you will get everything in the Free plan, plus:

  • Access to GitHub Codespaces
  • Protected branches
  • Multiple reviewers in pull requests
  • Draft pull requests
  • Code owners
  • Required reviewers
  • Pages and Wikis
  • 3000 CI/CD minutes/ month
  • 2GB of Packages storage
  • Web-based support

GitHub Enterprise Plan Pricing

The third plan that GitHub offers is the Enterprise plan. This plan is perfect for security, compliance and flexible deployment. In this plan, user will get everything in the  Team plan, plus:

  • Enterprise Managed Users
  • User provisioning through SCIM
  • Enterprise Account to centrally manage multiple organizations
  • Environment protection rules and secrets
  • Audit Log API
  • SOC1, SOC2, type 2 reports annually
  • FedRAMP Tailored Authority to Operate (ATO)
  • SAML single sign-on
  • Advanced auditing
  • GitHub Connect
  • 50000 CI/CD minutes/month
  • 50GB of Packages storage

And exclusive add-ons

  • GitHub Advanced security
  • Premium Support

GitHub Product Comparison

We can compare GitHub to Google’s new cloud code platform. But worry not, Google’s new cloud code platform does not appear to be taking on GitHub directly. Instead, Google Cloud Source Repositories (CSR) has a function that allows users to connect to repositories hosted on GitHub. Everything is automatically synced to the Google Cloud Source Repository and every little change will be synchronised on both platforms, as you can adjust Google CSR to automatically mirror from GitHub. Isn’t that wonderful?

Users may prefer one or the other depending on their budget as both have different payment structures. Nevertheless, It is often argued that GitHub is one step ahead for its extra features and open-source projects, mainly because it hosts a number of major open-source projects. 

How Much Does GitHub Cost?

GitHub uses monthly and annual billing for all of its’ plans. You can have one month free with annual billing.

Here’s what the actual cost of GitHub if you pay it off monthly compared to the lump sum:

PlanTotal Per Year Paid Monthly/ per userYearly Once-off/ per user
Team$4×12 = $48$44
Enterprise$21×12 = $252$231

If GitHub Pricing is Too High, Check Out These Alternatives

  • Bitbucket
  • GitLab
  • Phabricator
  • RhodeCode

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