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GoTo Meeting Pricing

GoTo Meeting Pricing – Prices for All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you considering a meeting software and need GoTo Meeting pricing? We’ve got you covered to see cost as well as alternatives to GoTo Meeting. GoTo Meeting is a service under GoTo that provides a web conferencing software which allows users to join meetings from anywhere on any device.

What is GoTo Meeting?

GoTo Meeting provides video conferencing features built for remote work. GoToMeeting allows users to communicate and collaborate from anywhere using any device. You can download GoTo Meeting on your desktop, on your phone and even on your tablet. GoTo Meeting’s virtual meeting features make it easy for users to plan, host and learn from productive meeting.

GoTo Meeting’s online meeting, desktop sharing and video conferencing software package that enables users to virtually meet customers, prospects, or colleagues via the internet in real time.

GoTo Meeting Pricing

GoTo Meeting comes in three plans which are Professional, Business and Enterprise.

GoTo Meeting pricing are as follows:

Price/ per month$14$19Flexible pricing based on needs. Contact Sales at GoTo for more information or Contact RevPilots

Annual payment 12-14% Discount$12$16

GoTo Meeting Plans

GoTo Meeting offers a number of features for each plan. All the plans are designed for specific groups/use cases. Professional and Business plans offer 14 to 16% discount. Below is a table to compare features for each plan:

Plan/ FeaturesProfessionalBusinessEnterprise
Video Meeting
Meeting Capacity150250250
HD Video///
Screen Sharing///
Web Audio///
Dial in Conference Line///
Unlimited Meetings///
No Meeting Time Limits///
Business Messaging///
Personal Meeting Room///
Breakout Rooms///
Hand Raising///
Unlimited Cloud Recording//
Slide to PDF//
Smart Assistant//
Note Taking//
Drawing Tools//
Keyboard & Mouse Sharing //
Meeting Lock//
InRoomLink (H.323 SIP)/
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps///
Commuter Mode///
Voice Commands with Siri///
Mobile Cloud Recording//
Enhanced Audio for GoTo Meeting (Add On)
Toll Free Number///
Call Me///
Dial Out///
Workflow Integrations
Slack Meeting Launcher///
Office 365 Plugin///
Google Calendar Plugin///
Salesforce Integration///
Security Compliance Features
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption///
AES-256 Bit Encryption///
SOC2 Certified Data Centers///
Risk Based Authentication///
HIPAA Compliant///
Account Management Features
24/7 Customer Care///
Single Sign-On///
Admin Center///
Active Directory Connector///
Meeting Diagnostic Reports///
Downloadable Admin Reports///
Customer Success Manager/
On-boarding & Training/
Volume Discounts/
GoTo Suite (Add On)
Advanced Webinar Features///
Room Equipment by GoTo Room ///

GoTo Meeting Enterprise Plan Pricing

In this plan, GoTo Meeting allows users to custom and design the plan that is tailored to their very need. This plan offers pricing based on your needs. You can contact the GoTo Meeting sales team to request a  demo or a price quote. Users that subscribed to this plan will get bundled discounts on meetings, webinars, room solutions and phones.

GoTo Meeting Product Comparison

Another well-known web conferencing software is Google Meet. Google Meet is a service provided by Google to allow users to meet virtually in real time. It is available on Android, iOS and web browsers. Users can share videos, desktop and presentations with teammates and customers using Google Meet platform. It enables you to join virtual meetings remotely via audio, video, chat and screen sharing with no time limits. 

Google Meet has free plan while GoTo Meeting does not have one. However, GoTo Meeting does have more features compared to Google Meet. For example, Google Meet does not have webinars but GoTo Meeting has the feature. Of course, Zoom is the category leader.

How Much Does GoTo Meeting Cost?

GoTo Meeting prices start at $12 per month on an annual plan, $14 per month on a monthly plan for the Professional plan, and $16 per month on an annual plan, and $19 per month for a monthly on the Business plan.. Monthly and annual billing for all of its’ plans is available . You can save up to 14 to 16% discount with annual billing.

Here’s what the actual cost of GoTo Meeting is if you pay it off monthly compared to the lump sum:

PlanTotal Per Year Paid MonthlyYearly Once-off
Professional$14 X12 = $168$12 x 12 = $144
Business$19 X 12 = $192$16 X 12 = $228

If GoTo Meeting Cost is Too High or Not a Fit, Check Out These Alternatives

  • Zoom
  • Cisco WebEx
  • ClickMeeting
  • exTalks Meetings
  • BlueJeans

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