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Power BI Pricing

Power BI Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Including Enterprise

Table of Contents

Power BI’s pricing could interest you if you are looking for a platform that allows you to build a business intelligence-driven culture through data visualization.

What Is Power BI?

The Power BI software allows its users to make quick and confident decisions by allowing employees at all levels of the organization to access up-to-date analytics. Data can be shared and created interactively by users across data centers worldwide, including national clouds so that regulatory and compliance requirements can be met. Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint can be used with Power BI to apply sensitivity labels. Using the software, users are able to ensure better regulatory and privacy compliance by monitoring sensitive data via Microsoft Cloud App Security. With the help of Microsoft Information Protection, users can extend governance and protection policies to their exported data. Data can be protected in real-time by blocking risky user activity.


Power BI Pricing

Power BI’s pricing is flexible and scalable. You can choose from several Power BI pricing tiers based on your needs. Monthly charges for the Pro version begin at $13.70 per user. Prices for the Premium version are determined by the number of users and the capacity. The pricing starts at $27.50 per user per month and $6,858.10 per user per month respectively.  There is an  Autoscale plan priced at  $116.72 Per vCore per 24 hours.

Power BI Pricing Plans

Power BI pricing plans are divided into various packages

  • Power BI Free: Free version. Free sign up available. Limited features
  • Power BI Pro: $13.70 per user and includes access to all features and services
  • Power BI Premium per user: $27.50 for smaller businesses that are unable to pay the $5,000 minimum for Premium licenses; offers most Premium features except for unlimited distribution and multi-geography.
  • Power BI Premium per capacity: $6,858.10 with a price scale that increases with resource requirements. However, the basic package should suffice for most businesses

Power BI Enterprise Pricing

Enterprises with at least 500 users can use Power BI Premium. However, there are some scenarios in which enterprises get the Power BI Premium even if you have fewer users. Power BI’s premium plan includes access to its report server, which may be needed if you work with critical information that must stay on-premise. It costs about $40,000 for two years to get SQL Server Enterprise Edition with Software Assurance.

Power BI Product Comparison

  • Power BI Pro: Allow your organization to share insights with individual users through live dashboards and reports.
  • Power BI Premium (User): Designed for individual users who want to automate data preparation for big data, access insights faster, and simplify management and access of data across their organization.
  • Power BI Premium (Capacity): Manage enterprise-scale data without the need for per-user licensing for content consumers. This AI-powered solution streamlines your data management and access, enables self-service data preparation, and simplifies data management and access without per-user licensing.

How Much Does Power BI Cost?

Microsoft Power BI starts from $13.70 per user per month and has a subscription-based model. A free trial is available. Users with Power BI Pro and Microsoft 365 E5 licenses can upgrade to Power BI Premium for $10 per user per month. 

If Power BI Pricing Is Too High, Check Out These Power BI Alternatives

Listed are the top alternatives for Power BI:

  • Tableau: Tableau provides users with tools for analyzing business data and finding solutions to different problems through integrated business intelligence and visual analytics. By combining multiple data sources, such as databases, SQL queries, spreadsheets, and cloud apps, the platform can generate meaningful insights.
  • Google Data Studio: Google Data Studio is a data optimization platform that allows businesses to create totally customized, informative reports using their data. The dashboards are interactive and offer a variety of automated reports. Furthermore, businesses can also import and visualize information from Google Analytics, Google Ads Big Query, Spreadsheets, and other databases through the same.
  • Sisense: Whether you are a technical user or a non-technical user, Sisense makes data accessible and understandable to all. With this tool, you can take complex data and make sense of it, resulting in improved operations and increased revenue across your organization. Among the solutions, Sisense has to offer are new modes of augmented intelligence, interaction, and machine learning.

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