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Reachdesk Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans, Including Enterprise

Table of Contents

Is your company considering using Reachdesk but you can’t find any specific Reachdesk pricing online? Would you like to read details on the platform’s plans without committing yourself to a call with their sales team? Find out all you need to know about Reachdesk pricing and plans, including the enterprise plan, below.

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What is Reachdesk?

Reachdesk is a platform that’s designed to provide corporate gifting services. Companies and organizations can deliver gifts and direct mail based on accurate data for customers, prospects, and employees at scale using Reachdesk.

The platform comes with a wealth of integrations so that businesses can connect Reachdesk with their existing CRMs and other databases. Integrations with Salesforce, Salesloft, HubSpot, and Outreach are just the beginning. The platform has solutions for marketing, sales, customer success and employees. Reachdesk includes many tools to measure and track ROI, ensuring your investment is well worth it.

Reachdesk Pricing

The Reachdesk pricing structure is based on the number of gifts you can send annually as well as other features. There are 3 plans available; the Business, Company, and Enterprise pricing plans. Fees are generally an annual cost. Let’s look at the cost of each of these plans and some of the benefits they come with.

Reachdesk Pricing Plans

The Business plan is designed for companies that want to get started in corporate gifting. The annual fee for using the platform is $20,000. 3 user licenses are included, as well as 1,500 annual gift sends. The gift deliveries, eGift cards, and direct mail are limited to North America. You can add additional users for $35 a month each.

The Company pricing plan costs $35,000 annually and includes 5 user licenses. It’s designed for companies that need insights into their gifting data. 4,000 gift sends are included annually. It’s also limited to North America. This Reachdesk pricing plan includes professional services and features that aren’t included in the Business plan. Additional users can be included for $30 each per month.

reachdesk pricing
Reachdesk pricing

Reachdesk cost for each plan (source: Reachdesk sales team)

Reachdesk Enterprise Pricing

Reachdesk’s enterprise plan is designed for a global reach. The eGift cards, physical gifts, etc can be sent internationally, to countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, and countries within the EU and APAC. The enterprise plan costs $50,000 per year. 10 user licenses are included, as well as 10,000 gift sends. Advanced analytics and tracking tools are included. Additional users can be added to the plan for $25 each per month.

Additional features are also available in all 3 Reachdesk pricing plans for an increased cost. For instance, your company can choose to increase the number of sends per year. See the table below for prices.

Cost of sending additional gifts (source: Reachdesk)

Reachdesk Pricing Guarantee

Reachdesk guarantees 5X ROI on your investment for pipeline generated in the first year or your money back. You do need Salesforce to qualify. It’s worth chatting with their sales team to get an understanding but this is a compelling reason to try their product.

If Reachdesk Pricing is Too High, Check Out These Reachdesk Alternatives

Is Reachdesk a little out of your gifting and marketing budget? If you’d like to investigate alternatives to the Reachdesk platform, why not look into, Sendoso, or Alyce? We have Sendoso pricing to compare. You may find that one of these platforms can meet your company’s needs.

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