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Zoho One Pricing

Zoho One Pricing – Prices for All Plans

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Understanding Zoho One pricing can be a little tricky. Zoho One’s pricing plans are set up a little differently from most companies. Instead of having feature-based pricing, they use a different system. Here we’ll give you all the details, including enterprise pricing.

What is Zoho One?

Zoho One is a customizable operating system for businesses. It includes over 40 integrated business apps. With these apps, you can manage, streamline and automate many different business processes. All the Zoho One apps also come with a mobile version, so your employees can work on the go. Here are some of the services Zoho One can help you with: sales, marketing, accounting, support, HR, operations, and more.

Introducing Zoho One

Zoho One Pricing

Zoho One pricing is different from most software in that it’s not feature-based. Most programs or services have a free version (with limited features) and several paid versions with more features.

In contrast, Zoho One pricing is based on two different scenarios. Both have access to exactly the same features. The first is called All Employee Pricing. This option is only available for businesses who commit to buying Zoho One licenses for ALL the employees on their payroll.

The second option is called Flexible User Pricing. This plan is for any business that doesn’t want to commit to buying Zoho One licenses for all their employees. There aren’t any limits on how many or how few licenses you purchase with the Flexible User Pricing plan.

There’s also a difference in Zoho One pricing depending on whether you purchase a monthly or annual subscription.

Zoho One Pricing Plans

When you purchase the All Employee Pricing plan on a monthly basis, it will cost $35 per employee. If you purchase the annual subscription, it works out to $30 a month per employee.

The Zoho One Flexible User Pricing plan is $90 when you pay on a monthly basis. When you pay on an annual basis, it will work out at $75 per month per user.

Zoho One cost per month for a monthly subscription (source:

Zoho One cost per month for an annual subscription (source: )

Of course, the All Employee Pricing plan for the Zoho One software works out much cheaper per user than the Flexible plan. However, the downside of the cheaper plan is that you have to commit to buying licenses for all of your employees, without exception. Since that’s the case, you may find that the Flexible plan works out better for your needs.

It’s also more cost effective to purchase an annual Zoho One subscription instead of a monthly subscription. The Flexible plan includes a saving of around 16%. With the All Employee plan, you’ll save 20% by purchasing an annual subscription.

Zoho One Enterprise Pricing

While both Zoho One plans have the same features, there are extra support options available at an increased cost. One is Premium support, which includes help in rolling out the software to your business (when you first start using Zoho One). It also includes 24-hour live chat and phone support. Premium support costs 20% of your Zoho One subscription fee.

The other support option is Enterprise support, which is designed for larger businesses. With Enterprise support, you’ll get a dedicated account manager who will work with your company to meet your personalized needs. Enterprise support costs 25% of your annual Zoho One subscription fee. There’s also a minimum number of 50 licenses you need to qualify for Enterprise support. It’s available with both the All Employee and Flexible User plans.

Zoho Premium and Enterprise support features (source:

Zoho One Alternatives

Not sure whether you need all the features of Zoho One? Do you think Zoho One pricing is too expensive? Here are some cheaper alternatives: Salesforce (for sales and CRM), HubSpot, ProofHub (project management), and Scoro (all of the above).

You can also check out our Zoho vs Salesforce comparison.

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