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UpLead pricing

UpLead Pricing – Actual Prices and Alternatives

Table of Contents

What is UpLead?

Before we discuss UpLead pricing, we need to talk a little bit about what is UpLead. UpLead is a B2B platform, focusing primarily on providing its customers with contact and company data. The company has an accented focus on data transparency and accuracy, ensuring that the data and information provided are guaranteed to be accurate.

Alongside its competitors, UpLead services multiple products consisting of verification tools and data gathering software. With a “95% data accuracy,” the company leans heavily into building database lists free of incorrect data, bad fits, and underdeveloped and non-utilizable leads.

UpLead Overview

UpLead Pricing

UpLead’s products are available in five pricing tiers: Free, Essentials, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. Each one provides increasing products and UpLead monthly credits, ranging in price from $0/month to $399/month and above.

The company’s Enterprise solution has no determined price, instead relying on the size of a given database or a company’s needs. Additionally, UpLead provides extra credits in the form of additional $0.40 to $0.60 one-credit payments.

Like the company’s competitors, UpLead allows access to its services in return for Credits, which are used as one-time data draws. Depending on the quantity and size of a company’s draws, it may need to purchase additional credits or services by upgrading the size of its monthly plan. An optional annual billing also provides a 25% discount for total pricing of between $890 per year and $3,590. 

UpLead Pricing Tiers

Serviced into five pricing tiers, UpLead locks some of its products behind different pricing points. Thus, depending on the amount of data needed, specific plans present themselves over others. In addition, each one has its number of monthly credits, accounts, and other aspects. 

UpLead has multiple features, such as API access, search filters, alerts, and intel placed behind their higher-end tiers, i.e., Plus and Professional, although Essentials still carries much of the same functionality.

The company’s primary products divide themselves into seven categories: 

  1. Prospector,
  2. Email Verification,
  3. Data Enrichment,
  4. Technographics,
  5. Chrome Extension,
  6. Email Finder,
  7. And API.

Prospector is the company’s focus, providing over 62 million contacts with an average of 95% data accuracy. UpLead presents this product as real-time prospecting, finding, and building potential lists in real-time. There are countless search functions and limits to go from, incorporated directly into your data.

The second is Email Verifier, which verifies emails and directly associates them with contacts. UpLead uses their data to add in additional results, such as a given company, phone number, location, or website, creating a verified connection to build conversion and control.

Data Enrichment turns mass amounts of data into a collection of highly accurate contacts, company listings, and email associations. All the data presented by a company works to build personal leads that can be quickly acted upon. 

Technographics prospects using 16,000 of UpLead’s data points, converting them into quickly addressable marketing tactics. Additionally, Chrome Extension allows quick collections of leads from a website or LinkedIn profile, while Email Finder provides businesses with immediate access to a potential customer’s most accurate contact information.

Lastly, UpLead offers UpLead API, an API association that provides an easy way to automate and quickly associate data points from your website or other property. 

UpLead Product Comparison

UpLead’s five pricing tiers contain:

User AccountsSingleSingleUp to 5Custom
Verified Emails and Phone NumbersYesYesYesCustom
Mobile Direct DialsYesYesYesCustom
Company NewsYesYes + AlertsYes + AlertsCustom
Chrome ExtensionYesYesYesCustom
CRM IntegrationYesYesYesCustom
No ContractYesYesYesCustom
Data EnrichmentNoYesYesCustom
Search FiltersNoAdvancedAllCustom
Suppression List UploadsNoYesYesCustom
API AccessNoEnrichmentFullCustom
Email Pattern IntelNoYesYesCustom
Sales TriggersNoNoYesCustom
Competitor IntelligenceNoNoYesCustom

Professional and Enterprise are the only ways to access UpLead’s software and product lineup, although Enterprise is entirely custom in pricing. There is also an optional free trial, which provides five credits and a combination of Essentials and Plus abilities.

UpLead Enterprise Pricing


If you have 20 users, you would need to do our Elite Plan (not listed on the website), which would be $599 for 2,000 monthly credits, and one user. Additional users are $50/user/month. You can add or remove users on a month-to-month basis and there is no limit on how many you can add.

Here is what the pricing would look like:

Monthly subscription:

1 user/2000 credits/month = $599/month
19 additional x $50/user/month = $950/month Total = $1,549/month for 2,000 credits/20 users Annual cost 24k credits/20 users = $18,588

Enterprise plan:

1 user/25k credits/year = $5,000 (paid up front)
19 additional users x $50/user/month = $950/month (paid monthly) Annual cost 25k credits/20 users = $16,400

How Much Does UpLead Cost

Depending on a business’ planned use for UpLead and their amount of accessible data, the cost may range between $99/month and over $399/month. In addition, the Enterprise option is available for larger companies, such as Google, Dropbox, Amazon, or Salesforce, providing custom services to scale associating operations and real-time data verification quickly.

UpLead’s pricing depends entirely on your needs and the needs of a set database, as the company uses their Credits to provide one-time access per one used. As needs scale, so do the Credits, which can sell for between $0.40 and $0.60 without upgrading plans.

If UpLead Pricing is Too High, Check Out These UpLead Alternatives

If you’re looking for UpLead alternatives, you can check out our full list of alternatives and see this list of free email finders. We also have an extensive breakdown of ZoomInfo Competitors, ZoomInfo Alternatives, Cognism, Crunchbase, Apollo, and more.

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