There are many tools that are alternatives for finding a prospect’s email address. Quickly and affordably acquiring prospect’s contact information is a key component of building a successful outbound machine. Whether you’re an indie hacker or the CRO of a Fortune 500 company, the market is saturated with email finding tools and databases but you have the same need. Affordable and quality data that you can use for cold outreach.

When assessing which email finding tool is a fit for your needs, you want to consider a few things.

Quality of Data

Everything flows from the quality of your email data. If you have the wrong contact information, your emails will bounce, you’ll waste time, and you won’t book meetings. This is obviously an issue. Thankfully, many of these alternatives offer free plans which can provide a quick way to assess data quality.

As a rule of thumb, you must be under 5% bounce rate on a list of emails. anything over that and you have issues. Ideally you’re closer to 1-2%. No email finding tool or lead database is going to 100% accurate data quality. Emails change, people leave jobs, and it’s impossible to stay up to date 24/7. Pricing Per Lead

The larger your plan, the lower the cost per lead. It’s important to determine how many leads per month you’ll need to get the best value. For instance, the Starter plan for Hunter comes out to 9.8 cents per lead and as you scale up, you can get that cost significantly, lower. The Enterprise plan is only 1.3 cents per lead. Some alternatives to start at .01 per email.

Hunter is a popular tool used by over 2,000,000 professionals but may not be a fit for everyone.

If you’re looking for an alternative it may be the result of pricing pressure or you need a specific integration. Below we’ll take a detailed look at Hunter’s pricing and integrations. We’ll also provide a full list of alternatives to Hunter based on pricing per lead. Pricing

Free Starter Growth Pro Enterprise
Monthly Price $0 49 99 199 399
Leads Per Month 50 500 2,500 10,000 30,000

There is a 30% discount for annual pricing. For purposes of this analysis, we’re only comparing monthly pricing. Integrations

Hunter has all the major CRM integrations. There does seem to be a missing integration with sales engagement tools like Outreach and SalesLoft. However, most people would use their CRM for the main point of integration. Given the Zapier integration with Hunter, there are likely workarounds if needed.

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho
  • Zapier

Top Alternatives Based on Pricing pricing does not put it near the top of the most expensive providers in the space but you can definitely do better if pricing for an email finder is your number one factor. In fact, at .098 cost per lead, there are 15 alternative options worth considering.

A major difference besides price is integrations. Some of the lower cost options do not have a similar number of integrations as Hunter.

Here are some options that have a lower cost per lead Pricing Free Starter Growth Pro Enterprise
Credits/Leads a month 50 500 2,500 10000 30000
Monthly Pricing 0 49 99 199 399
Cost Per Lead 0.098 0.0396 0.0199 0.0133

SalesQL Pricing
Credits/Leads a month 100 Credits 1,500 Credits 4,000 Credits 10,000 Credits
Monthly Pricing 0 39 59 89
Cost Per Lead 0.026 0.01475 0.0089
  • SalesQL Integrations – None
Aeroleads Pricing Take Off Climb Cruise Enterprise
Credits/Leads a month 1000 Credits 4000 Credits 15,000 Credits Custom
Monthly Pricing 49 149 499 Call
Cost Per Lead 0.049 0.03725 0.033
  • Aeroleads Integrations – None Pricing S M L XL XXL
Credits/Leads a month 1000 Credits 5000 Credits 20000 Credits 50000 Credits 100000 Credits
Monthly Pricing 39 79 169 289 578
Cost Per Lead 0.039 0.0158 0.00845 0.00578 0.00578
  • Integrations – Zapier, Pipedrive, API
Voilanorbert Pricing Valet Butler Advisor Counselor
Credits/Leads a month 1000 leads 5000 leads 15000 leads 50000 leads
Monthly Pricing 49 99 249 499
Cost Per Lead 0.049 0.0198 0.0166 0.00998
  • Voilanorbert Integrations – Zapier, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Mailshake,, Hubspot,, Drip
Anymail Finder Pricing
Credits/Leads a month 1000 emails 5000 emails 10000 emails
Monthly Pricing 49 99 149
Cost Per Lead 0.049 0.0198 0.0149
  • Anymail Finder Integrations – API
Powrbot Pricing Basic Pro Enterprise
Credits/Leads a month 200 5000 50000
Monthly Pricing 0 39 249
Cost Per Lead 0.0078 0.00498
  • Powrbot Integrations – Zapier, API
FindThatLead Pricing Growth Startup Suite
Credits/Leads a month 49 150 399
Monthly Pricing 5000 18000 30000
Cost Per Lead 0.0098 0.0083 0.0133
  • FindThatLead Integrations – None
Lead Gibbon Pricing Basic Pro Business
Credits/Leads a month 1000 5000 20000
Monthly Pricing 49 99 199
Cost Per Lead 0.049 0.0198 0.00995
  • Lead Gibbon Integrations – None
Find That Email Pricing Free Starter Pro Teams
Credits/Leads a month 50 500 2000 6000
Monthly Pricing 0 29 79 149
Cost Per Lead 0.058 0.0395 0.0248
  • Find That Email Integrations – None
Skrapp Pricing Free Starter Seeker Enterprise Global
Credits/Leads a month 150 1000 5000 20000 50000
Monthly Pricing 0 39 79 159 239
Cost Per Lead 0.039 0.0158 0.00795 0.0478
  • Skrapp Integrations – API
Get Prospect Pricing Free Starter Basic Plus Pro
Credits/Leads a month 100 1000 5000 20000 50000
Monthly Pricing 0 49 99 199 399
Cost Per Lead 0.049 0.0198 0.00995 0.00798
  • Get Prospect Integrations – 750 App, Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zoho, LInkedIn, Gmail, MailChip, Mailgun
Find Emails Pricing Basic Better Best
Credits/Leads a month 1000 2500 10000
Monthly Pricing 29 49 99
Cost Per Lead 0.029 196 0.0099
  • Find Emails Integrations – API, Zapier
LeadB Pricing Free Starter Premium Enterprise
Credits/Leads a month 50 1000 2500 Unlimited
Monthly Pricing 0 29 69 Custom
Cost Per Lead 0.029 0.0276
  • Leadb Integrations – API
Pipi Leads Pricing Free Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Credits/Leads a month 50 250 500 1250 2500
Monthly Pricing 0 9.95 14.95 29.95 49.95
Cost Per Lead 0.0398 0.0299 0.02396 0.01998
  • Pipi Leads Integrations – None

A Cheaper Alternative to, Plus A Sales Engagement Platform

Although this is a comparison of email finder tools, there are databases that have a lower cost per lead. However, they come with a sales engagement platform that might be worth considering because if you have emails, you’ll need a way to send outbound email sequences., SalesBlink, and Roojet are three options that are worth considering that could be alternatives to Hunter. If you’re asking what is, we have a full review.

For Apollo, given access to their contact database with millions of contacts, the cost per lead is negligible, and certainly lower than what you can expect to pay with most other email finders. On the other hand, Roojet makes it easier to compare cost per lead. Pricing Free Basic Professional Csutom
Credits/Leads a month 50 200 Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Pricing 0 49 99 Call
Cost Per Lead 0.245 n/a
Roojet Pricing Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Credits/Leads a month 1000 5000 20000 50000
Monthly Pricing 49 99 199 399
Cost Per Lead 0.049 0.0198 0.00995 0.00798 Pricing Solo Startup Small Team Growth
Credits/Leads a month 1500 5000 8000 25000
Monthly Pricing 39 99 149 249
Cost Per Lead .026 0.0198 0.018625 0.00996
  • SalesBlink Integrations – Zapier

List of Email Finder Alternatives to









Anymail Finder


Find Business Email

Email Matcher


Lead Finder






Lead Gibbon



Connect Clearbt

Contact Out

Find That Email


Get Prospect



Find Emails





People Data Labs






D&B Hoovers

Pipi Leads


Emal Extractor Extension

Email Extractor

Email Drop Extension

Mails Hunt

Magic Mail Extractor & Validator

Email Hunter

Find That Email: Email Address Generator

Kendo – LinkedIn Email Finder

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