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other names for sales development representative

Other Names For Sales Development Representatives

Table of Contents

You may ask yourself, what are some other names for Sales Development Representative? Well, there are a few. If you want to know what one of the hardest roles in sales is called, we’ve got a full breakdown of other names it goes by. Getting familiar with what a Sales Development Representative does it will help you understand the different names.

A Sales Development Representative is mainly responsible for booking meetings. Their goal everyday is to book prospect meetings by making cold calls, sending cold emails, and responding to inbound leads. If you’re sales development representative looking to book more meetings, check out this post on the best creative sales outreach ideas. This role tends to be an entry level position. Often it sits within marketing because it’s responsible for generating sales qualified leads or SQLs. After booking a meeting, a sales development representative will hand off the meeting to an Account Executive. Account Executives are a more senior position and responsible for running the sales cycle and closing the deal.

The Most Common Names For A Sales Development Representative

  • SDR
  • Business Development Representative
  • BDR

SDR is the abbreviation for Sales Development Representative and often used in place of saying the full sales job tile. Other names for Sales Development Representative are similar but not exactly the same. Often people will use other names for SDR such as Business Development Representative or BDR for short.

BDR and SDR are often used interchangeably. A BDR is usually focused on qualifying inbound leads. An SDR is more focused on generating qualified leads by doing outbound activities.

Others Names For an SDR

  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Outbound Sales Representative

Since Sales Development Representatives take on traditionally inside sales activities, they work from within an office and do not go to client’s offices, they are often referred to as Inside Sales Representatives. This is alternative name for an SDR is more general and can refer more to anyone who does inside sales, included Account Executives.

Another name for a Sales Development Representative is, Outbound Sales Representative. This name comes from the fact that an SDR is focused on doing outbound sales activities.

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