Joe Benjamin

Joe Benjamin is the Founder of RevPilots. He has over 12 years of B2B sales and startup experience. His experience runs several categories, including SaaS, Marketplaces, and professional services. His areas of expertise include B2B sales, management, and hiring.
What is a Fractional CFO

What is a Fractional CFO?

A Fractional CFO is a part-time financial expert hired by a company to provide high-level financial strategy and expertise without the full-time commitment or cost of a traditional chief financial officer. Business leaders must offload key operational tasks as their

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What is a Fractional Executive

What is a Fractional Executive?

A fractional executive is an excellent way to access c-level talent without the full time costs to leverage the expertise and experience of a part time executive. Access to top talent to lead your team is expensive. Right? You must

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hire sales reps

How To Hire Sales Reps In 2024 – A Guide

Hire Sales Reps When it comes time to hire sales reps, many companies get stressed out. They believe they should bring on new salespeople because that will be the most straightforward path to growing revenue. But hiring salespeople comes with

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