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Auth0 Pricing

Auth0 Pricing – Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too.

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Auth0 pricing and want to know who much Auth0 will cost? We’ve got you covered with Auth0 pricing and package details, plus Auth0 alternatives. 

What is Auth0?

Auth0 is a cloud identity management SaaS application for the web, mobile, IoT, and internal software. The Auth0 Identity Platform takes a modern approach to identity. It is a product unit within Okta, an American identity and access management company that provides cloud software that helps companies manage and secure user authentication into applications. Auth0 is a highly customizable platform that is simple, and flexible. Safeguarding billions of login transactions each month, Auth0 delivers convenience, privacy, and security.

Auth0 Overview

Auth0 Pricing

Auth0 offers flexible pricing, with a range of plans to choose from, including a free plan.You can get Auth0 for free with up to 7,000 active users and unlimited logins. Their B2C and B2B plans are charged monthly and prices vary depending on the amount of active monthly users. For Enterprise pricing contact RevPilots to acquire pricing at no cost by using the form on the right. 

Auth0 Pricing Plans

Auth0 has a free plan with limited features available. The following plans are also available:

    • Best for simple projects or applications.
    • Up to 10,000 External MAU
    • Unlimited Social Connections
    • Custom Domains
    • User Role Management
    • 5 Actions, Rules, Hooks
    • Best for teams and projects that need added security.
    • Up to 10,000 External MAU
    • Pro MFA
    • External Databases
    • Admin Roles
    • 10 Actions, Rules, Hooks
    • Consolidated User Stores
    • M2M Add-ons
    • Best for simple projects or applications.
    • Up to 7,000 External MAU
    • 3 Enterprise Connection
    • Pro MFA
    • 5 Actions, Rules, Hooks
    • User Role Management
    • 50 Orgs
    • M2M Add-ons
    • Up to 7,000 External MAU
    • 3 Enterprise Connections
    • External Databases
    • 10 Actions, Rules, Hooks
    • Admin Roles
    • 100 Orgs
    • M2M Add-ons
    • Best for production applications that need to scale.
    • Custom Connection and User Tiers
    • No Admin, Organization, or Rule Limits
    • 99.99% SLA & Enterprise Support
    • Advanced Deployment Options
    • Enterprise Add-ons

Auth0 Product Comparison

One of Auth0 main competitors is OneLogin. You might find that Auth0 is pricier than OneLogin but it also offers more features. Below is a comparison of some of the main features from both products:

Access CertificationYesYes
Access  Controls/PermissionsYesYes
Access CertificationYesYes
Access  Controls/PermissionsYesYes
Access ManagementYesYes
Activity DashboardYesYes
Audit ManagementYesYes
Automatic User/Device RecognitionYesYes
Behavioral AnalyticsYesYes
Compliance ManagementYesYes
Credential ManagementYesYes
Data Security and VerificationYesYes
Employee ManagementYesYes
Endpoint ManagementNoYes
Event LogsYesYes
HIPAA CompliantYesYes
Identity FederationYesYes
Mobile AuthenticationYesYes
Multi-Factor AuthenticationYesYes
Multiple Authentication MethodsYesYes
Password ManagementYesYes
Policy ManagementNoYes
Privileged Account ManagementYesYes
Real-Time NotificationsYesYes
Remote Access/ControlYesYes
Role-Based PermissionsYesYes
Rules-Based WorkflowYesYes
Secure LoginYesYes
Self Service PortalYesYes
Self-Service Access RequestYesYes
Single Sign-OnYesYes
Social Sign-OnYesYes
Third-Party IntegrationsYesYes
Two-Factor AuthenticationYesYes
Unified DirectoryYesYes
User ManagementYesYes
User ProvisioningYesYes

How much does Auth0 cost?

Auth0 has a free version for up to 7,000 active users. Other pricing examples are in the chart below. For custom Enterprise pricing contact RevPilots to acquire pricing at no cost by using the form on the right or This link. The pricing for the B2C and B2B plans follow:

Active Monthly UsersB2C EssentialsB2C Professional B2B EssentialsB2B Professional
500$130 per month$800 per month
1 000$23 per month$240 per month$240 per month$800 per month
2 500$57 per month$545 per month$545 per month$1200 per month
5 000$114 per month$1000 per month$1070 per month$1500 per month
7 000$160 per month$1200 per month$1420 per month$1800 per month
10 000$228 per month$1500 per month

If Auth0 Cost is Too High Or Not A Fit, Check out These Auth0 Alternatives

  • OneLogin
  • Okta
  • Ping Identity
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • JumpCloud
  • Duo Security
  • LastPass
  • ForgeRock

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