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Avoma Pricing

Avoma Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

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Are you looking for Avoma pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much Avoma costs and see alternatives to Avoma. Avoma is an AI Meeting Assistant that transcribes, summarizes, and analyzes every meeting within a specific time frame or across different topics for deeper understanding in order to provide actionable Conversation Intelligence to users. 

What is Avoma

Avoma, the AI-powered meeting assistant, extracts important notes from user meetings to better serve their customers. With its intelligent features that guide through the entire event, it can be more practical. It provides a wide range of solutions for sales leaders and customer success managers. It’s no longer enough to generate an automatically updated agenda template ahead of time or provide no-show reminders.

With this tool, users will be able to access a set of notes generated at scheduled intervals that can be accessed through this platform’s web interface or mobile application; provide a central location for event organizers to prepare all information needed during the event; allow participants involved in verbal discussions among the participants to collaborate; use this tool not only within organizations but also outside of them; reduce employee ramp times; help improve overall business outcomes. It also enables you to bookmark notes without interrupting the conversation.

Avoma Pricing

Avoma offers three pricing plans: Premium, Business, and Enterprise

Their pricing is based on the number of users and the features and tools used and needed. They provide a 14-day free trial for both the Premium and Business plans, allowing you to test the service before purchasing it. You may need to contact sales beforehand to get more details on the pricing for the Enterprise package.

Price/ Per User/ Per Month$70 / min.
5 user/ mon
$95 / min.
5 users/ mon
TBD / min.
10 users/ mon

Avoma Pricing Plans

The Premium Plan is $70 per 5 users per month and billed annually, and includes the following:

  • Everything in Plus
  • SMB CRMs & Dialer Integration
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Min. 5 users

The Business Plan is $95 per 5 users per month and billed annually, and includes the following:

  • Everything in Premium
  • Salesforce CRM Integration
  • Revenue Intelligence & Coaching
  • Min. 5 users

This is the most popular pricing plan.

The Enterprise Plan, which is billed annually and requires a minimum of 10 users per month, includes the following features:

  • Everything in Business
  • Implementation Success
  • Custom Data Retention
  • Min. 10 users

For exact pricing, you may need to contact sales for further instructions and information.

Avoma Product Comparison

Avoma is a (AI) meeting assistant for customer-facing teams. Its AI-powered technology assists customer-facing teams in gathering critical customer information prior to, during, and after important meetings. This tool analyzes conversation insights and intelligence to help sales reps shorten sales cycles and delight more customers. It enables you to record all meetings automatically, receive full transcripts and summarized notes, and have insights synced directly to your CRM.  Search directly within transcripts and use identified topics to find exactly what you’re looking for to review calls and meetings faster.

Wingman by Clari is another similar software that offers a free trial and the same features.

How much does Avoma cost?

Avoma offers a monthly subscription and an upfront annual contract, with a 10% discount available for the latter. The monthly subscription starts at $70 per user per month. This is determined by the plan package chosen. A free trial is available for those who want to try Avoma before committing to a paid subscription.

Alternatives to Avoma if pricing is too high

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