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Accord Pricing

Accord Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Accord pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much Accord costs and see alternatives to Accord. Accord is a customer-facing workspace for brainstorming next steps, plotting timelines, and scaling revenue targets, all while developing a repeatable process that assists startups in acquiring and retaining customers more quickly.

What is Accord

Accord is a customer collaboration platform that is built for sales leaders to help them understand what works best and reiterate the same for successful outcomes.  It offers buy-in on the entire buying journey by aligning with the buyers on expectations to ensure that the deals are closed at a much faster rate.

This B2B sales tool ensures that deals are done on time and stalling is prevented by letting the sales reps create and share a timeline with the buyer and assigning tasks to the sales reps in the work back plan. Shared resources, timelines, and outcomes ensure that everybody on the team is on the same page. It offers a wide range of playbooks for sales, customer success, mutual action plans, and onboarding

Accord Pricing

Accord offers three pricing plans: Essential, Startup, and Growth

Their pricing is based on the number of users and feature tools used and needed. They offer a 7-day free trial, so you can try the service before buying it. 

Accord PricingAccord PricingStartupGrowth
Price/ Per User/ Per Month$129 / up to 2 users/ month$499 /for 3-9 users/ month$1699 / for 10+ users/ month

Accord Pricing Plans

The Essential plan is $129 per individual and small team per month and includes the following:

  • Up to 2 Users
  • 50 Shared Workspaces
  • Onboarding & Email Support
  • Unlimited Customer Invites

The Startup plan  is $499 for scaling startups per month and includes the following:

  • 3 users
  • Start Free Trial
  • Everything in Essential, plus
  • For 3 – 9 Users
  • Unlimited Shared Workspaces
  • 1:1 Team Trainings & CSM
  • CRM Integration

This is the most popular pricing plan.

The Growth plan  is $499 for high-growth teams of up to 50 users per month and includes the following:

  • Everything in Startup, plus
  • For 10+ Users
  • Unlimited Shared Workspaces
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Unlimited Integrations

Accord Product Comparison

Accord’s key differentiator is the platform’s ability to build relationships and partnerships with customers quickly. As a result, the platform is the quickest way to meet growing revenue targets. It is the only product that provides a real-time view of all revenue opportunities, allowing users to prioritize and build relationships with their customers quickly.

With Accord, you can easily identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, track customer churn, and understand what works and what doesn’t. After subscribing and contacting sales, you can get a free trial.

How Much Does Accord cost?

Accord is offered on both a monthly subscription basis and through an annual contract, with discounts available for the latter. The base price for the monthly subscription is $129 per user per month. This depends on the plan package selected. A free trial is also available for those who wish to try Accord before committing to a paid subscription after contacting sales.

For businesses that are looking for a comprehensive sales solution, Accord is definitely worth considering.

Alternatives to Accord if pricing is too high

  • Recapped
  • GetAccept
  • Seismic
  • Highspot
  • Showpad
  • Dock
  • Clari
  • Dealpad
  • Buyerassist

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