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BlueJeans Pricing

BlueJeans Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

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Are you looking for BlueJeans Meetings pricing? Well, we have got you covered. There are many different payment plans offered by BlueJeans Meeting and you can check out what suits you the best. This platform allows businesses to come together using web conferencing and audio/ video calls.

What is BlueJeans Meeting?

BlueJeans Meetings is a cloud-based platform that provides video and audio call services to businesses along with web conferencing. It uses HD audio and Dolby voice to make sure that there’s no interference or issues during the meetings.

Over 25 members can attend a conference at the same time and you get to experience a virtual meeting, regardless of time and location. This platform offers various meeting solutions such as breakout sessions and moving participants to different sessions. If you need input data from an important meeting, you can create a reel of the essential minutes of the call and connect with your participants. 

BlueJeans Meetings offers an interactive collaboration for businesses to stay connected with fast speed and enhanced security.

BlueJeans Meeting Pricing

You can check out all the different pricing plans offered by BlueJeans Meetings and take video conferencing to the next level. Currently, there are three plans being offered and it’s up to you to decide if you want monthly or annual payments.

PlansBlueJeans StandardBlueJeans ProBlueJeans Enterprise
Price/ per month$9.99/ per month$13.99/ per month$16.66/ per month

BlueJeans Meeting Pricing Plans

BlueJeans Meetings is a telenetorking tool that offers different plans based on your business needs. There are different functions and features available for each plan, so you can find a bundle that fits your meeting needs.

The BlueJeans Standard Plan is perfect for start-ups and new business owners as it allows you to have up to 100 participants in your video conferences. The plan offers almost 5 hours of recording so you can track any important data being shared and utilize it later. 

It also offers the following features:

  • Meet for as long as you want
  • High-quality audio and video
  • Dail-in attendance

The plan is compatible with different operating systems so you can easily use it without a hassle.

However, the BlueJeans Pro Plan allows you to host an increased number of participants, for instance, up to 150 people at the same time. It’s recommended for larger business gatherings and calls. This plan offers the following features as well:

  • You can record for up to 25 hours
  • Several integrations available
  • Webcam streams
  • Audience Polling

If you want to have access to some unlimited features then, the BlueJeans Enterprise Plan is the best one. It can host up to 200 participants and offers a confidential attendee list as well. You can also utilize the following features:

  • Unlimited recording
  • Live transcription of the meeting
  • Captions available in multiple langugaes

You can choose a plan for any of your business needs and enjoy an interaction meeting experience.

BlueJeans Product Comparison

GoToMeeting is an online conferencing platform that has functions like screen sharing, video calls and web meetings. There are several options available to enhance the connection quality and speed. Anyone can join the meetings from their smart-phone or computer, no matter what network connection their device is using.

This software has minimal security features such as password protection and securing the conference with a lock. However, if you wish to record all your meetings, then this is a better option.

BlueJeans Meetings has an easier-to use application and offers a wide range of video confering features, with more reliability. With GoToMeeting, you can start a conference using your mobile phone and stay connected.

How Much Does BlueJeans Cost?

BlueJeans Meetings has three payment plans and the annual cost is as follow:

PlanTotal Per Year Paid

BlueJeans Meetings offers a free trial so you can check out the features before making a final decision.

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