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ClicData Pricing

ClicData Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you looking for ClicData pricing? Well, we have got you covered. There are different plans offered based on your business needs, so you can check out how much they cost. ClicData is an inclusive management platform that offers a wide range of intelligent solutions.

What is ClicData?

ClicData is an intelligence platform to provide solutions to businesses. It analyzes your data to create reports and dashboards to improve overall productivity. You never have to worry about misplacing any data as ClicData offers a secure platform where all your files, spreadsheets, and databases can be stored.

In addition to data storage, you get automated integration and transfer of the data. It’s a perfect business intelligence tool that can be used for businesses to collab with one another. Due to its easy interface, you can access the dashboards using any device, and the quality of information is not compromised. Whether your business is small or big, you will be able to create impressive reports and come up with successful strategies. 

ClicData Pricing

ClicData offers three different pricing plans with a range of features.

You can sign up for the free trial and see how well the software works for your business needs. 

All the monthly payment plans are as follows:

Plan PersonalTeamBusiness
Price per month$75$245$485

ClicData Pricing Plans

ClicData is helpful for all types of business owners as it allows the users to import their data from any kind of source. As ClicData is a cross-platform application, businesses will be able to access the panel from any device or operating system. Depending on the size of your organization will dictate what plan to consider.

The ClicData Personal Plan can be used for small analytics programs and customize the databases in many ways. This plan offers the following features:

  • 5 users included in the plan and up to 10 users
  • Integrations with social media and web analytics
  • Storage of 5GB
  • Automated alerts by email and Slack

The ClicData Team Plan is perfect for businesses working with APIs and cloud applications. Due to its driven performance analysis feature, your business will be able to stay ahead of its competition. The following functions are also available:

  • Up to 20 to 50 users included
  • API connectors available
  • 10GB storage
  • Automated alerts with webhook and Zapier
  • Geocoding feature offered

The ClicData Business Plan is made to provide your business an increased amount of productivity and connectivity. The following features are available:

  • Up to 250 users allowed
  • Database connectors and enterprise applications
  • 15GB of storage
  • Automated alerts by SMS
  • Provides visual insights and reports

ClicData is easy to operate and provides a range of solutions for any of your problems. 

ClicData Product Comparison

Style Intelligence is a business intelligence platform used to create visual reports, dashboards, and performance analysis. This software is widely accessible and offers a wide range of customization of databases and dashboards. All the users are allowed to utilize geographic charts and maps designed by Style Intelligence.

You can grow your business using its interactive web reporting feature that allows you to stay connected to multiple data sources. The platform’s interface is easy to use and flexible enough for various organizations. 

You can use extensive API integrations offered by ClicData and there are many options to manipulate the database for improved results. 

How Much Does ClicData Cost?

ClicData has monthly payment plans but you can opt for yearly payment as follows:

PlanTotal Per Year Paid

However, you can try the free trial before choosing any of the pricing plans to see what suits you best.

If ClicData Pricing is Too High, You Can Check Out These Alternatives

  • Google Analytics 360
  • MongoDB
  • Skyvia
  • Dundas BI

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