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BetterProposals Pricing

BetterProposals Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you looking for BetterProposals pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much BetterProposals cost and see alternatives to BetterProposals. BetterProposals makes it easy to create, sign, track, and manage proposals.

What is BetterProposals?

BetterProposals is a digital document solution provider that lets the user create, send, sign and track documents from one place. It offers more than 200 templates for proposals, quotes, online brochures, client sign-offs, contracts, settlement of work, and more. It offers real-time updates on the status of the proposal- whether it has been read by the client, signed or not, and more.

BetterProposals is a sales tool that eliminates the possibility of manual entry, poorly written documents, and low conversion rates by offering one place for the entire team to manage their task, which works towards improving their performance. It offers CRM integration with third-party applications like Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, Insightly, and more. It is integrated with payment platforms like  Stripe and PayPal which allows quick payment once the agreement is signed.

BetterProposals Pricing

BetterProposals comes in three plans each of which includes different features, targeting a specific group of clients. The platform also offers a 35% discount on the price if the customer prefers to buy an annual subscription. 

PlansMonthly subscription
price per month /per user
Annual subscription
price per month /per user

BetterProposals Pricing Plans

All plans are designed for a specific type of customers

Starter plan is a perfect fit for freelancers and individuals. It includes:

  • Send 5 documents/month
  • Digital signatures
  • Payment integrations
  • Content library

Premium plan is designed for small businesses. It includes all of the features of the Starter plan, plus:

  • Send 50 documents/month
  • Custom domain
  • CRP integrations
  • Zapier

Starter and Premium plans do not require a credit card to get started.

Enterprise plan is for a larger sales team.

The Enterprise plan includes all of the previous features, plus:

  • Send unlimited documents/ month
  • One-to-one trading
  • Password protection
  • Manager approvals

BetterProposals Product Comparison

Proposify is an online software that gives insight into the proposal. It provides control and a clear view of the paramount stage of the sales process. It also allows the user to create engaging and error-free documents that would swiftly seal the deal. Proposify also automates the workflow while eliminating manual entry. 

Both BetterProposals and Proposify offer a 14-day free trial that would allow the customer to experience all of the advanced features the two softwares provide. 

BetterProposals is more for single individuals or small-sized businesses, while Proposify is specifically designated for large enterprises with multiple sales teams of more than a dozen people. 

How Much Does BetterProposals Cost?

BetterProposals offers a monthly subscription. Here is what the actual cost of BetterProposals actually is:

PlansMonthly subscription / Total per year
Starter$19 X 12 = $228
Premium$29 X 12 = $348
Enterprise$49 X 12 = $588

Aside from the prices above, BetterProposals offers an annual subscription that earns the user 35% off the monthly price.

PlansAnnual subscription / Total per year
Starter$13 X 12 = $156
Premium$21 X 12 = $252
Enterprise$42 X 12 = $504

BetterProposal Alternatives

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