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Brainshark Pricing

Brainshark Pricing

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Is your company considering using Brankshark but you can’t find any specific Brainshark pricing online? Would you like to read details on the platform’s plans without committing yourself to a call with their sales team? Find out all you need to know about Brainshark pricing and plans, including the enterprise plan, below.

What is Brainshark?

Brainshark is a comprehensive training product, recognized for producing SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions. The data-driven coaching tool was designed to revolutionize the way companies prepare their reps, and assist in maximizing their productivity. Brainshark has been trusted for over two decades in sales enablement, new hire training, video coaching, product launches and key corporate learning. Brainshark assists users in marketing, HR, and sales, forming a comprehensive coaching tool. While many enablement programs produce average results, Brainshark’s multi-faceted approach paves the way for businesses to perform at their highest levels.

Brainshark Overview

Brainshark Pricing

There is no free trial for Brainshark, but there is a free demo for potential customers to download and preview. The cost of Brainshark comes on a customizable quote basis, which means general pricing information is not available on their website. In response, businesses must reach out to the sales team for a quote. But, we saved you the time and reached out to sales for a theoretical quote.

According to the estimate provided by a Brainshark representative, the cost is annual and is typically around $83 per user/month.

The price is around $20,000 per year, for 20 users. The minimum for users is 20 but they’ve been known to go as low as 15 users.

There are two plans, the Pro plan, and the popular pick, the Premier plan. Brainshark would have to evaluate your individual business and needs before providing a more personalized quote.

Brainshark Pricing Plans

Both the Premier and Premium plans include:

  • Creating structured courses and curriculums
  • Certifications & achievement badges
  • Readiness paths with due dates & progress tracking
  • Rep and team readiness scorecards
  • Voice-enriched video presentations
  • Interactive quizzes, polls & surveys
  • Recording screen and webcam videos

But while the two plans both offer the impressive content authoring/sharing and training features above, only the Premier plan offers coaching tools. The Premium coaching features include:

  • Video assessments & practice
  • Team-wide & individual activities
  • Time-stamped feedback & comments
  • Customized ratings, scores and feedback
  • Team leaderboards
  • Peer-to-peer review options
  • Formal training integration
  • Screen recording for demos & presentations
  • Machine analysis & scoring

Product Comparisons

Many companies are on the search for a reliable sales readiness solution. How does Brainshark compare head-to-head with sales readiness solution competitor, Mindtickle

Mindtickle is known for being easily approachable, and is an excellent training platform. Brainshark, too, is a beginner friendly, versatile, and highly rated program. While both are in competition for the same market, Mindtickle might be a better option for a business seeking a software that can perform the tasks below.

  • Act as a central storage location of marketing content to be used by sales representatives
  • Track prospect and customer engagement on content and sales pitches
  • Transcribe calls into text and data that can be searched and analyzed
  • Analyze the transcription of a call and identify possible action items
  • Provide statistics of a conversation

And Brainshark is better suited for a business looking for the listed qualities below.

  • Allows organizations to create multimedia content for educational purposes
  • Allows users to create interactive multimedia content
  • Allows users to publish course material to third-party or built-in learning management systems

How Much Does Brainshark Cost?

According to a Brainshark representative, the annual cost for 20 users is a ballpark estimate of $20,000, and includes everything from content creation, training, coaching, and scorecards. A consultation with a Brainshark representative will assess your company’s needs and provide a more accurate price estimate.

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