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Sales Enablement Tools

Table of Contents

As a startup or established business, considering which of the best sales enablement tools you’ll need to support your sales team can be an overwhelming task. In this guide, we will explore which sales enablement tools you should consider to help your sales team perform better. We will also cover how and why your company might benefit from the integration of these applications throughout your organization. 

What is a Sales Enablement Tool? 

Before we dive into the best sales enablement tools, it’s important to understand what a sales enablement tool is. A sales enablement tool consists of a software platform that assists sales and marketing teams with managing their customer interactions more effectively. These tools typically consist of features such as content management, lead scoring, and analytics to ensure that teams are meaningfully engaging with customers. 

Why do Companies Need Sales Enablement Tools? 

When it comes to understanding why your company might need a sales enablement tool, let’s explore a few popular reasons down below

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Better Sales Performance 
  • Increased Efficiency 

First, sales enablement tools can allow your business to enhance the overall customer experience. Meaning your sales and marketing teams can work together to deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences by taking advantage of data and insights. For example, sales teams can leverage the specific customer sales cycle to deliver key sales and marketing information.

Another benefit of tools for sales enablement is that it provides sales teams with the tools they need to succeed in a single application. Tools such as the ability to sort leads, identify untapped markets, track performance efforts, and automate repetitive tasks are just to name a few. All of these tools work together to help companies streamline their sales processes, save time, and increase the efficiency of their workspace so that their teams can focus on what matters.  There are a ton of sales tools and in this article, we’ll be focusing mostly on tools that help with content sharing and learning and development for sales teams.

What to Look For in a Sales Enablement Tool? 

After highlighting what sales enablement solutions are and further understanding how they might help serve your company, next we will cover five criteria that you should think about when considering the implementation of one of these platforms in your organization. Let’s take a look at the criteria down below

  1. Ease of Setup 
  2. Functionality
  3. Integration with Tech Stack
  4. Customizable for company needs
  5. Pricing that makes sense to you. 

The first factor to consider when it comes to purchasing sales enablement apps is their ease of setup. Purchasing a subscription to a sales enablement platform that has a simple and fast implementation time is critical for businesses of all sizes. It is necessary to consider whether the solution you are thinking about buying offers a wide range of integration capabilities, requires minimal technical knowledge to set up, and is supported by a responsive customer success team to help you along the way. 

Secondly, functionality is another core component that you should integrate into your decision-making strategy. Functionality pertains to an effective sales enablement tool because you need to ensure that it has all the features you need to manage your company’s departments effectively. The more functionality a sales enablement tool has, the more likely it will grow with your organization.

As previously mentioned, the third criteria is that you should use in your evaluation methods is whether the sales enablement technology integrates with your tech stack. Ensuring that the application offers more than a handful of integrations that work seamlessly with your current sales tools is essential for streamlining your processes and avoiding data silos.

Finding a platform that offers endless customization options allows you to provide more value in and out of your business. 

The last item that needs your attention during the sales enablement platform evaluation process is to think about your budget and the tool’s pricing. Ensuring that the system offers pricing that fits your budget, there are no hidden professional services fees, and if you sign a multi-year contract that you’re receiving a discount.

Best Sales Enablement Tools

While we have covered the basics about these applications, let’s take a closer look at a few examples of sales enablement tools that are worth considering.

  • Seismic
  • Brainshark
  • Highspot
  • Get Guru
  • Showpad
  • Mindtickle
  • Saleshood
  • Klue
  • Allego
  • Paperflite
  • Enablix
  • Mediafly
  • Showell
  • Bloomfire

Each of these applications offers their own unique set of features and capabilities. They are some of the best sales enablement tools for sales and marketing professionals looking to enhance their workflow. Implementing tools for sales enablement from the list above can result in a more productive sales team.

Sales Enablement Tools Designed for Content Sharing 

One of the core components of sales and marketing is the ability to interact with key stakeholders and distribute content effectively. When considering the idea of purchasing a sales enablement tool so your team can improve their performance, one thing to think about is whether sales enablement companies offer content-sharing features. Offering these capabilities will ensure that your teams can curate, plan, and distribute company information with ease to sales prospects. 

From the list of best sales enablement tools, we have highlighted the best sales enablement vendors that offer content-sharing capabilities. You can understand which solution offers better sales enablement tools that are right for your specific needs. The list of enablement tools below is not a ranked list.

  1. Seismic
  2. Brainshark
  3. HighSpot 
  4. Get Guru 
  5. Showpad
  6. Klue
  7. Paperflite
  8. Enablix
  9. Mediafly
  10. Showell
  11. Bloomfire

Seismic – ‘AI-Powered Customer Engagement Platform’

What is Seismic? 

Seismic is a cloud-based sales enablement tool that uses artificial intelligence-inspired technology to assist businesses with optimizing their sales processes and engaging with customers more effectively. Ultimately, it is intended to help deliver targeted content, automate workflows, and understand customer behaviors on a deeper level. 

Seismic’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Content Management: Businesses can store and organize their sales content in a centralized repository, making it easy for sales teams to find and use the content they need.
  • Content Automation: Teams can automate their content delivery processes, ensuring that the right content is delivered to the right people at the right time.
  • Analytics: Access valuable insights into customer engagement and behavior to optimize their sales processes and improve customer engagement efforts.
  • Personalization: Personalize sales content for individual customers to better engagement and improve overall customer experience.

Why Seismic can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • Comprehensive Feature Set: Offers an array of functions in a single platform including content management, content automation, analytics, and personalization.
  • User-friendly Interface: An intuitive interface allows users to easily navigate the content they need, streamlining their sales processes and improving their overall efficiency.
  • Valuable Insights: Accessing valuable insights into customer engagement and behavior, can enable your company to improve its customer engagement efforts.

Other Things to Know About Seismic as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: Subscribers can integrate with a wide range of third-party tools, including Salesforce, Marketo, and Microsoft Dynamics, making it easy to integrate with existing sales and marketing workflows.

Brainshark – ‘Data-Driven Customer Delivery’

What is Brainshark? 

Brainshark is an example of sales enablement software that helps sales teams to create, share, and track content for improved communication and better results. This software service empowers companies to create and deliver effective training, coaching, and content to employees and customers for improved engagement, retention, and performance. 

Brainshark’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Content Creation: Users can create, edit, and manage content, including sales presentations, product demos, and training materials. 
  • Content Sharing: Businesses can share content with employees, key stakeholders, and customers through channels such as email, social media, and CRM platforms.
  • Data-Driven Reports: Personnel can track content performance and measure the success of their sales enablement initiatives via engagement activity, conversion rates, and more.

Why Brainshark can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • Improved Communication: Brainshark makes it easy for businesses to distribute authentic content that is relevant, engaging, and informative to their customers.
  • Increased Productivity: Data-driven reports in conjunction with the automation of content-driven activities allow teams to increase operating efficiency.  
  • Better Sales Performance: By using the platform’s analytics and reporting features, teams can identify areas for improvement and optimize their sales enablement efforts.

Other Things to Know About Brainshark as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: Leverage platform integrations such as  Salesforce, Marketo, and Eloqua to consolidate your data efforts. 

Highspot – ‘Advancing Sales Team Productivity’

What is Highspot? 

Highspot is a cloud-based sales enablement tool that aids companies with managing sales content, optimizing their sales team’s performance, and improving customer engagement. This sales enablement software helps companies develop an efficient way to manage and share information.

Highspot’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Content Management: Users can access a central repository where sales content, including presentations, videos, case studies, and product collateral are stored.
  • Sales Coaching: Sales managers can now provide feedback on sales content, track engagement, and guide how to improve demos.
  • Analytics Reporting: Highspot provides insights into how sales teams are using the content, how customers are engaging with the content, and how content is impacting sales performance.

Why Highspot can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • Centralized Repository: Easily access your sales content so that you can share pertinent content wherever and whenever. 
  • Integrations: Highspot integrates with several other sales and marketing tools, making it easier for companies to streamline their sales and marketing processes.

Other Things to Know About Highspot as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Customizable: Highspot is customizable, allowing companies to tailor the platform to their specific sales performance, marketing, and impact needs.

Get Guru – ‘Knowledge Management for Sales Enablement’

What is Guru? 

Guru is a cloud-based sales enablement tool that helps companies with accessing their knowledge base from a centralized point. It serves to assist sales teams and marketing personnel to stay consistent with the information they deliver to their clients. 

Guru’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Content Management: This tool for sales enablement lets users create and organize all content in a single place. Meaning, that they can keep track of company updates and share pertinent details with necessary clients accordingly.  
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Guru supports real-time collaboration on content and various documents so that everyone can stay on the same page.  
  • Intelligent Knowledge Automation: With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Guru automates the knowledge management process so that you can readily pull information with ease. 

Why Guru can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • Centralized Knowledge: Your company’s teams can access needed information and track the creation and distribution of content accordingly. 
  • Collaboration: Receive and send interdepartmental updates so that your sales teams can respond to their clients effectively. 

Other Things to Know About Guru as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: With the ability to integrate with apps like Salesforce and HubSpot, Guru favors the consolidation of information storage. 

Showpad – ‘Increase Your Closer’s Efficiency’

What is Showpad? 

Showpad is a SaaS platform that aligns sales and marketing teams so that your company can improve workflows to ultimately optimize buyer interactions. In addition, this sales enablement tool example helps improve buyer engagement, seller performance, and more. 

Showpad’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Content Management: Revenue-generating teams can access comprehensive company content from a single location to help assist the selling process. 
  • Analytics: Access reports that detail how your company is performing in terms of customer engagement. Plus, you can learn more about how customers are interacting with their content.
  • Sales Enablement: Showpad enables sales teams to engage with prospects and customers more effectively, providing them with the information and tools they need to close more deals.
  • Training and Onboarding: You can use Showpad to help with training and onboarding so that new representatives and account managers can improve their performance.

Why Showpad can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • Improved Sales Productivity: With Showpad Content, Coach, and Video, sales teams can leverage these tools to engage prospects and customers more effectively. 
  • Integration with Other Tools: Enhance your workflow by integrating with popular applications such as Google Suite, Outreach, SAP, Outlook, and more. 

Other Things to Know About Showpad as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Choose from Essential, Plus, and Ultimate subscription plans with pricing tailored to your specific budget and needs. 
  • Showpad is trusted by many leading companies, including Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, and Fujifilm.

Mindtickle – ‘Gamify Your Sales Process’ 

What is Mindtickle? 

Mindtickle helps revenue operations and sales teams to improve their sales-readiness so that they can maximize their revenue goals. The platform enables these teams to develop sales strategies and leverage artificial intelligence

Mindtickle’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Microlearning: With the help of AI, Mindtickle has a microlearning future that helps companies deliver bite-sized, personalized training modules to their sales teams. Further helping to analyze user behavior and provide targeted, relevant training content that helps reps improve knowledge retention.
  • Gamification: Mindtickle is setting new expectations with the gamification of its platform. Using this strategy helps to provide a fun, interactive way for sales teams to learn and practice new sales skills through challenges, quizzes, and leaderboards that incentivize sales reps to stratify their performance.

Why Mindtickle can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • All-in-One Solution: This RevOps platform combines training, coaching, and analytics tools in a single platform so that managers can easily optimize company workflows. 
  • Sales Coaching: Mindtickle has a sales coaching feature that enables reps and managers to exchange feedback with each other to increase seller performance. 

Other Things to Know About Mindtickle as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: Mindtickle integrates with intelligence, content management, SSO, CRM, and eCommerce applications to streamline operations. 

Saleshood – ‘Win Deals and Drive Revenue Growth’ 

What is Saleshood? 

Saleshood is a sales enablement tool designed to help companies improve their efficiency across the board. The platform serves as a content manager, a training platform, and a guide for sales and marketing teams to drive revenue growth. 

Saleshood Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Pipeline Management: Easily communicate with current prospects via Saleshood’s pipeline management tool. The platform allows teams to deliver content recommendations and track customer engagement accordingly. 
  • Content Activation: Activate your content strategies by using Saleshood’s content management feature that allows users to publish personal pages and create dynamic or static materials. 

Why Saleshood can be Good for Sales Enablement

Between Saleshood’s collaboration tools, buyer engagement strategies, content activation capabilities, and more, this tool allows for better visibility into your pipeline and current sales approaches. Plus, it is highly customizable, so you can tailor it to meet the specific workflows of your organization.

Other Things to Know About Saleshood as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Functionality: Saleshood is a user-friendly platform that has a favorable UI/UX design. The service is designed with sales professionals at the forefront so that they can continue to easily conduct their day-to-day activities. 
  • Integrations: Integrate with popular apps like Salesforce, Google Drive, Shufflrr, Dropbox, Box, and more. 

Klue – ‘Win Back Lost Deals’

What is Klue? 

Klue is a competitive intelligence platform that offers sales enablement features to help companies improve existing sales workflows and secure more deals. Through the assistance of data collection, auto-generated insights, and content development features, sales teams can focus on winning the deals that should not be lost. 

Klue’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Competitive Intelligence: Pertaining to competitive intelligence, Klue allows users to understand their competitors’ products, strategies, and customer behavior. Which in turn helps to make more informed decisions about how to compete and win deals.
  • Account-Based Marketing: Klue offers this feature to personalize marketing efforts and deliver targeted campaigns that have higher conversion rates.  helps businesses personalize their marketing efforts by providing insights into their customers’ needs and preferences. 
  • Market Intelligence: With market intelligence company professionals can understand the latest trends and developments in their industry all while curating strategies to improve the number of deals won. 

Why Klue can be Good for Sales Enablement

Klue is a good example of a sales enablement tool because it provides a unique set of features otherwise not provided by competitors in the same market. Through competitive intelligence, account-based marketing, and other features, Klue can help businesses make informed decisions and reduce the loss rate when it comes to winning deals. 

Other Things to Know About Klue as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: The Klue platform works with tools like Seismic, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Slack, Highpoint, and more. 

Allego – ‘Win Your Clients Over with Allego’ 

What is Allego? 

Allego is an award-winning sales enablement software that helps sales and marketing teams develop skills, acquire knowledge, and curate the content needed to win customers over. Through pipeline management, content delivery, and enterprise learning tools, companies can leverage Allego to accomplish their sales goals. 

Allego’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Content Management: With a central repository in the platform, Allego allows sales managers and representatives to easily access needed content to support the buying process. 
  • Video Coaching: Via video technology, Allego helps sales teams coach each other to become more effective at converting clients. 

Why Allego can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • Better Productivity: With the help of integrations and an all-in-one workflow, Allego is a platform that reduces the need for sales reps to use more than one platform to complete their tasks. 
  • Generated Insights: Allego offers continuous analytic reporting which can help sales teams identify metrics that are improving and/or lacking and need attention.  

Other Things to Know About Allego as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: As one of the best sales enablement platforms, Allego offers 120+ integrations ranging from Adobe and ADP to Five9 and Dropbox

Paperflite – ‘Fill Your Site with Custom Sales Content’

What is Paperflite? 

Paperflite is a sales enablement platform intended to manage content across a company. With features that help with content discovery and distribution to analysis and intelligence, Paperflite helps sales and marketing teams to create custom microsites to manage their knowledge information. 

Paperflite’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Microsites: With the power of microsites, each sales team or representative can create a knowledge base filled with content libraries that can be sorted by tags. 
  • Content Intelligence: As you create and distribute personalized content, you can track the distribution and engagement activity of your libraries when shared with potential customers. 

Why Paperflite can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • Personalization: Personalizing microsites allows you to deliver custom collaterals as a customer-facing team, thus increasing the likelihood of converting prospects into paying customers. 
  • Collaboration: Not only can you create your microsites, but you can collaborate with other sales leaders to develop needed sites for your own company as well. 

Other Things to Know About Paperflite as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: Incorporate Paperflite with your current sales workflow by integrating into applications within the following categories: E-mail, Chat, CRM, and Analytics. 

Enablix – ‘Centralize Your Sales Content’

What is Enablix? 

Enablix is a sales enablement software that focuses on consolidating sales and company content into a central location. By doing so, Enablix empowers sales teams to search for needed content to conduct demos, target prospects, and close deals more effectively. 

Enablix’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Searchable Database: Peruse through Enablix’s custom-built platform for your company. Within the platform, you will be able to find deliverables, case studies, and other collaterals that you can use to help win over more clients. 
  • Meeting Follow-Up: Create personalized meeting follow-up pages after each encounter with a prospect. These pages will provide information and answer all the questions an interested party might have throughout the buying process. 

Why Enablix can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • Scalability: With the help of a comprehensive database, Enablix is an ideal solution for sales enablement because it has built-in tools to support increased growth throughout the company. Meaning, that you don’t have to worry about losing resources as your revenue increases. 

Other Things to Know About Enablix as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: Work with applications like G-mail, Outlook, Salesloft, Vimeo, and more to accomplish your sales tasks together. 

Mediafly –  ‘Make Your Win Rates Intelligent’ 

What is Mediafly? 

Primarily a revenue intelligence platform, Mediafly also acts as a sales enablement tool to engage buyers and speed up the deal lifecycle. Furthermore, it aids sales representatives with the ability to value deals, forecast sales, and leverage modular solutions to build a one-of-a-kind digital experience. 

Mediafly’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Intelligent Analytics: Mediafly uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically generate analytics on your sales deals and provide recommendations for how to improve your operations. 
  • Sales Coaching: Through conversational intelligence and metric tracking, Mediafly can assist sales managers with identifying knowledge gaps and teaching their reps how to improve meetings with clients. 

Why Mediafly can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • Task Automation: Mediafly can be an excellent sales enablement solution because of its automation capabilities. Your company can adapt to the digital age by implementing AI and ML technology to automate repetitive processes and allow your teams to focus on what matters. 

Other Things to Know About Mediafly as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: Integrate your Mediafly account with tools like SAP, Salesforce, SugarCRM, HubSpot, and dozens of others. 

Showell – ‘Simplify Your Selling Process’

What is Showell? 

Showell helps to manage, track, and distribute organized content in a single platform. With the help of consolidating your company’s sales and marketing content in one location, your sales teams can feel empowered to access specific information.

Showell’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Content Development: Eliminate data silos by creating, organizing, and synchronizing sales and marketing collaterals in a curated database to reduce clutter and improve work efficiency. 
  • Sales Presentations: Create fun, engaging, and live presentations with just a few clicks using Showell’s content creation features. 

Why Showell can be Good for Sales Enablement

If you are looking to declutter and create an organized system with your sales, marketing, and leadership teams, Showell can be an optimal solution for you. The platform is specifically designed to ensure that your teams can work effectively and efficiently by leveraging smart sales tools to reduce the burden of the selling process. 

Other Things to Know About Showell as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: With enterprise-ready integrations, Showell is known for offering a plethora of popular integrations. Integrate your company’s tech stack with tools such as Aprimo, Azure, Adobe, and more. 

Bloomfire – ‘Reduce Data Silos in Your Company’ 

What is Bloomfire? 

A top tier in class knowledge platform, Bloomfire is a tool that helps sales and marketing teams with building a collective intelligence to share with their clients. Through the ability to capture, control, curate, and securely deliver content, Bloomfire is a sales enablement solution for companies looking to build up knowledge, understand customer insights, and provide effective customer support. 

Bloomfire’s Key Features for Sales Enablement

  • Centralized Knowledge Base: Bloomfire’s centralized knowledge base allows you to incorporate text and rich media into thumbnails and relationships in a concise data silo. This allows for equitable access and an easier time finding information for deal management.
  • Personalized Content: The platform allows you to create custom by building your homepages which can be delivered to clients or colleagues within your organization. 

Why Bloomfire can be Good for Sales Enablement

  • Streamlined Sales Processes: With a consolidated data silo, users can find company-specific and deal-specific information with ease. Thus, reducing the time needed to find the needed information to complete your tasks. 
  • Pertinent Insights: Bloomfire can also act as a research library, which lets you leverage AI-powered search to learn about specific knowledge bits to help you understand your customers better. 

Other Things to Know About Bloomfire as a Sales Enablement Tool 

  • Integrations: From an integrations perspective, Bloomfire integrates with popular applications such as Zendesk, Slack, Tableau, OneDrive, and more. 

Sales Enablement Tools Compared

After learning more about each sales enablement tool listed above, it is necessary to understand how they each compare to each other. Through a sales enablement software evaluation, we will look at some of the core features that each of these enablement tools share

Analytics ReportsUser-Friendly
Content ManagementContent Creation

First, one of the most critical features of this sales enablement tool list is the capability of providing insightful analytics reports that can help teams make informed decisions. Businesses can leverage the reports from these tools to tailor their sales efforts to the specific needs of each interested party. 

Next, a second comparison among the list is that each piece of enablement software provides a user-friendly experience. Each of these software applications is focused on building an intuitive experience so that sales representatives, and marketing professionals can spend less time navigating cluttered and overflowing databases to find needed information. 

Third, another similar feature that each of these platforms shares is the content management aspect of consolidating company-specific knowledge bases into a single data silo. By consolidating data and information, business professionals can find pertinent collaterals quickly, attend to the needs of their clients, and overall curate an efficient workflow. 

The last feature that is shared among these examples is the ability to create personalized content. This feature supports sales and marketing teams with developing custom materials that pertain to their specific needs. Meaning, that they can finalize deliverables that are proven to win and develop client relationships on a deeper level. 

Sales Enablement Tools Ranked

When it comes to understanding each sales enablement tool evaluation, we have put together original rankings of the top three that you normally don’t see on other best sales enablement software lists. Below, you will find a list of our top three favorite sales enablement tools that are ideal for sales and marketing teams. These companies have earned their spot on the list due to their advanced features, powerful capabilities, and exceptional user experiences.

  1. Guru
  2. Mindtickle
  3. Bloomfire

The number one ranking on our list is Guru. Guru stands out from other platforms as it is almost entirely supported by an AI-powered knowledge management system. Given the recent rise and adoption of AI and ML technology, Guru to us seems to be evolving with current market standards at a friendlier price for startups and smbs. Thus we have included this sales enablement platform at the top of our list because it automates the ability to capture, search, and access needed information on demand. Which inevitably reduces the manual workload and allows users to focus on more pertinent tasks. 

Coming in second is Mindtickle. Mindtickle is a sales enablement tool that helps sales reps improve their selling skills through interactive training, coaching, and gamification. Primarily, we have included Mindtickle in our top rankings because of the gamification platform. Unlike other sales enablement tools, Mindtickle is the only software application that has attempted to make work life more engaging and fun. Thus we value the creativity, competition, and productivity that the company is set out to improve upon. 

The third and final tool on our list is Bloomfire. Bloomfire ranks as the third-best sales enablement platform on our list because of its powerful AI-powered search that allows sales reps to find the content they need quickly. Thus eliminating the need to search through multiple data silos. In addition, Bloomfire is one of the only platforms that we have covered which supports the entirety of the content management lifecycle. Meaning, that it enables users to capture, create, discover, and distribute custom content in a single platform.

If you’re unsure which sales enablement tool is best for you, you can reach out or consider hiring a B2B sales consultant or more specifically, a sales enablement consulting firm or service provider who can help you navigate the sales tech evaluation process.

Need help selecting the right software? We can help!