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CallRail Pricing

CallRail Pricing – Prices for All Plans, Enterprise Too

Table of Contents

What is CallRail?

CallRail pricing is key to know about because adding it may be worthwhile for your business if the price makes sense. CallRails helps you determine which marketing campaigns are drive calls to your business. CallRail ensures before you even get to ask the customer, you already know exactly where they are coming from. Ensuring you know where your business is reaching new customers, so you can further optimize or even target better where your products need to reach. You might be wondering how much does service from CallRail cost?

CallRail Overview

CallRail Pricing

CallRail pricing ranges depending on what suite of services you would like from the CallRail website. Pricing is charged on a monthly rate. They’re transparent and reasonable for the services that they provide. Starting from $45 all the way to $145 that varies depending on what services you require from the website. Before you trust and give in to the CallRail pricing, you are at full liberty to try each of their service options with no strings attached for a limited period of time. 

CallRail Pricing You May Miss

CallPricing is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are a number of options and add ons, plus they charge for certain integrations.

Make sure to determine what you need before you budget for CallRail because the cost is not necessarily just the monthly rate.

CallRail Pricing

CallRail Pricing Plans

All the subscriptions are monthly. They do not offer specific bundles catered to being paid annually and that might be a deal breaker for some. It may be possible to negotiate a discount if you pay annually. However, the monthly plans are reasonable and affordable. Their billing cycles start from the day you purchase one of their services. You will be billed on the same day of the next month.

Call Tracking

This service comes in at the base cost and determines where the lead comes from. It will determine as close as possible from which AD, sponsor, etc. the call came from. The CallRail pricing for this service bundle is $45 USD. It includes the following services:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Standard call flow builder
  • Offline call tracking
  • Online call tracking

Conversation Analytics

This service will come with call tracking and then will add conversation intelligence to provide better service and help qualify more contacts. You are being offered keyword analysis and call transcripts. The CallRail pricing for this service bundle is $95 USD. It comes with:

  • Automated call transcriptions
  • Automated call scoring
  • AI-powered lead tagging
  • Keyword analysis

If you’re looking for other conversational intelligence tools, check out these Gong Competitors. If you have a sales team and your goal is to improve them through coaching with conversational intelligence, our breakdown on Gong vs Chorus could be a good read. Chorus Pricing might interesting too if you’re shopping around.

Marketing Analytics

Starting from call tracking, conversation analytics, you are additionally provided with website form submission analytics. All in all you are getting the other features bundled with form tracking and custom form builder. The CallRail pricing for this service bundle is $95 USD. It includes the following features:

  • Custom form builder
  • Lead tracking
  • Multi-touch attribution modeling
  • Cost-per-lead reporting
  • Form scoring

Analytics Suite

With this suite you are being offered all the analytic tools you can buy from their website. This suite is the capstone of all CallRail services. The CallRail pricing for this suite is $145 USD. It includes:

  • Call Transcripts
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Form Tracking
  • Custom Form Builder

CallRail Enterprise Pricing

The services start from cheaper to more expensive solely due to the fact that with each bundle you are getting more and more out of the packages. However, there are two packages that cost the same. It will depend on which service you need and if you need anything more, the capstone suite is the optimal purchase for your business. 

CallRail Pricing – Product Comparison

Each of the aforementioned alternatives have various pricing and possibly almost the same fundamental service being provided, however, there may be some proprietary services that CallRail may not have.

They all provide affordable services to small businesses that are looking for higher level analytics and insights.

Each of these are extremely suitable, adequate, competent and budget friendly alternatives for CallRail services and can rival and compete with the benefits and prices CallRail offers you. Pricing may vary from more expensive to less expensive depending on which alternative is picked.

How Much Does CallRail Cost?

The CallRail pricing mentioned earlier is quotable. They charge whatever is mentioned in each package ranging from $45, $95 and $145 USD per month plus some additional fees. 

Additionally, you can find more options and additions to the call tracking package that can cost up to $225 USD.

All this ties into mainly analysis and monitoring of the distribution of information so you are able to better allocate or target your resources. You can cut down spending time on inconclusive surveys and vague information and have CallRail assist you in doing all of that with far more accurate results and efficiency. 

CallRail will be your personal insight analytical manager so you do not have to do it inconsistently or inefficiently. CallRail costs significantly less than making your own database for analytics. 

For additional information and in-depth details of CallRail costs and CallRail pricing plans, you can check the CallRail website as they are pretty transparent and straightforward with the services and benefits provided with each tier; starting from a price breakdown of the minutes and all other services provided. 

If CallRail Pricing is Too High, Check Out These CallRail Alternatives

In the event that CallRail does not have the satisfactory tier prices, services or you cannot find any beneficial package for your business, you are free to look at these just as inexpensive and possibly more effective alternatives:

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