Table of Contents

Table of Contents

When it comes to a basic sales tool stack to get started, this is what we recommend. You can add LinkedIn Sales Navigator if you haven’t already.

The tools below provide a foundation to keep you organized, send cold emails/run outbound sequences, and book meetings with prospects. It will cost you less than $200 a month. The CRM is strongly encouraged but optional. You should be tracking your opportunities so at the very least use a spreadsheet.

CRM – HubSpot bundle – $50 a month!

Includes: Marketing Hub StarterStarts at 1,000 marketing contacts – Sales Hub StarterStarts at 2 paid users – Service Hub StarterStarts at 2 paid usersCMS Hub Starter – Operations Hub Starter

This integrates with the tool below. A CRM is not mandatory and should never prevent you from starting cold outreach. Often, a spreadsheet is good enough and you can always add a CRM later.

If you need someone to set this up for you it will cost $550 and I can make an introduction.

Apollo – Database of 25 Million Contacts AND email sequence tool

A/B test messaging, automatic reporting, and easily import contacts into sequences $99/month – no brainer

Use this to get contact info, emails/phone numbers and then send cold outreach.

Email Warm Up Tool

If you haven’t warmed up your email accounts, you might go to spam. Mailwarm is what I recommend.

Use for a couple of months, you can still send cold emails. Send lower volume.

Make sure your email accounts are setup properly.

Email Deliverability Instructions

Read this: Email Deliverability Instructions

I have a guy, message me.

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