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Cloudflare Pricing

Cloudflare Pricing

Table of Contents

If you would like to learn more about Cloudflare’s pricing structure, here is what you need to know. Check out the right plan for your business with Cloudflare’s pricing plans.

What Is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a cloud-based web performance and security tool that protects websites from hackers and accelerates the websites’ speed in both the public and private sectors. Cloudflare functions primarily as a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which improves the performance of mobile and web applications. This platform is designed for businesses of all sizes and is suitable for professional websites, portfolios, blogs, small to midsize e-commerce companies, and companies that require enterprise-grade security and network performance. 

Cloudflare’s pricing plans vary and come with monthly subscription plans for businesses and professionals.


Cloudflare Pricing

Cloudflare pricing packages are not based on bandwidth usage, but instead on features. Basic performance and security are included in the Free Plan, along with free SSL and analytics. At $20/month, the Pro Plan provides advanced performance and security tools, including image optimization and a Web Application Firewall. At $200 per month, the Business Plan includes dynamic content compression, advanced DDOS Attack protection, custom WAF rules, custom SSL certificates, and prioritized support. If you get Cloudflare CDN services through your web host, you will typically get the pro-level package or something similar.

Cloudflare Pricing Plans

Cloudflare pricing is divided into four packages. It has a  free trial and a free version.

  • Free Plan – Ideal for personal, non-business-critical projects.
  • Pro Plan – Starts at $20 per month – Ideal for professional websites with no business-critical requirements.
  • Business Plan – Starts at $200 per month – Ideal for smaller businesses operating online.
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing – Ideal for important business applications, large businesses and very busy websites.

Pricing Overview

Cloudflare Enterprise Pricing

Cloudflare’s pricing page does not disclose the pricing for the Enterprise plan. Nevertheless, if you do some research, you will find its pricing ranges between $1000 and $5000 per month.

Cloudflare Enterprise Overview

Cloudflare Product Comparison

  • The Free Plan includes free SSL and analytics along with basic performance and security.
  • At $20/month, the Pro Plan provides advanced performance and security tools, such as image optimization and a Web Application Firewall.
  • At $200/month, the Business Plan includes advanced DDOS Attack protection, dynamic content compression, custom WAF rules, priority support, and custom SSL certificates.
  • A custom Enterprise Plan is tailored to the requirements of the customer. It comes with set-up consultation, a dedicated solution engineer, phone support, and an unlimited number of users.

How Much Does Cloudflare Cost?

Pricing for Cloudflare is based on a package structure. There is a free plan for individuals who need only basic services for their personal projects or hobbies. There are three different pricing tiers available to suit more business-critical needs. For $20 a month, the Pro package includes more page rules, enhanced security with WAF and DDoS alerts, and analytics. Currently, Cloudflare’s Business plan costs $200 per month, while the Enterprise plan requires a quote. Depending on the size of the business, both models offer additional services.  

If Cloudflare Pricing Is Too High, Check Out These Cloudflare Alternatives

Here are the closest alternatives to Cloudflare in terms of features, functionality, and advantages.

  • Amazon CloudFront: Getting started with Amazon CloudFront is extremely easy. Default support for HTTP is provided. A dashboard and reporting features are included as well as static content caching, dynamic content routing, cache purging, custom SSL certificates, and static content caching.
  • SiteGround: In addition to offering web hosting services, SiteGround also offers a custom content delivery network (CDN). It only became available in 2022, but it seems like a good option. The CDN provided by Cloudflare does offer more options.
  • Site Accelerator CDN in JetPack: The JetPack plug-in is one of the most popular for WordPress sites. There is a feature within this plug-in called Site Accelerator, which essentially acts as a CDN. In comparison to Cloudflare, it is less advanced, but it may be adequate for entry-level websites.
  • GreenGeeks: GreenGeeks offers renewable energy-powered hosting. The GreenGeeks platform has a native Cloudflare interface so you can manage your Cloudflare CDN without leaving it.


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