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Vidyard Pricing

Table of Contents

Are you looking to open a Vidyard account, or are you searching for details on Vidyard pricing? Not all their pricing is available on their website. We’ve done the investigating for you. Find out here the details of all Vidyard plans, including their enterprise plan.

What is Vidyard?

Vidyard is an online platform for making professional videos that can be used for various activities. The platform is designed to help business people make videos for marketing, sales, prospecting, and more. The platform also hosts videos. With Vidyard’s screen recorder, you can also record and share videos for customer presentations, team updates, employee onboarding, etc. The software gives an edge to salespeople selling remotely – it adds a personal touch that an email can’t provide.

Vidyard Overview

Vidyard Pricing

The Vidyard platform has several pricing tiers. There is a free version of the software which has limited features. It’s fine for casual users. The Pro plan is for individuals with more technical requirements. There are also two plans for teams of users. The Teams plan and the Business plan have respectively more advanced features. Finally, the enterprise version is customizable with solutions tailored to your business or industry.

Vidyard Pricing Plans

The free Vidyard pricing plan is for individual use only. You can record and upload up to 25 videos up to a length of 30 minutes each. You’ll receive a free browser extension and app to use the Vidyard software. Video editing, SEO and unlimited links are also included. It’s an excellent option for creating and hosting basic videos.

The Pro plan costs an average of $19 a month if you pay for an annual subscription. If you’d like to pay month by month, it will cost you $29 a month. This plan is also only for individual users; you can’t set up a team account with this plan. You can create and upload unlimited videos of up to an hour each. Viewers will be able to leave public comments on your videos, and you’ll have access to some basic video analytics so you can see how your videos are doing.

What about the Teams plan? It’s only available on an annual basis. It will cost $300 per month, and you’ll get access for 3 users. This is a big jump in price compared to the individual Pro plan, but it’s really designed to improve the performance of your videos with advanced features. Your team will be able to record and upload unlimited videos, and integration with Zoom meetings and webinars is included. You’ll also have access to advanced analytics. Your team will receive priority support and an account manager.

The Business Vidyard pricing plan is another big step up. It costs $1,250 per month, also billed annually. It includes accounts for 5 users. Automatic captions are included, and advanced video sharing features such as scheduled video release and expiry. You’ll also have access to analytics reports and integrations with various other platforms such as Salesforce and HubSpot.

Vidyard Enterprise Pricing

vidyard pricing
Vidyard cost of standard plans (source:

What about the enterprise-level plan? It includes advanced options for large organizations such as SSO for teams. There’s a minimum of 3 years for the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan is customizable and the cost will depend on your organization’s needs. A rough estimate will be around $7,500 annually, but we’ve also discovered that the price will shortly be reduced to below $4,000 later this year. There’s also an additional cost for businesses that require access to enterprise-level integrations, of $3,000 annually. There is an option to pay quarterly for the enterprise plan. This may be useful for some organizations.

If Vidyard Cost is Too High, Check Out These Vidyard Alternatives

Not sure if Vidyard is right for you? You might like to look into these alternatives: Loom, Vimeo, and Wistia. These software platforms may provide what you need.

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