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Demodesk Pricing

Demodesk Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

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Are you looking for Demodesk pricing? Well, we have got you covered. You can check out all the different plans Demodesk offers and how much they all cost. Demodesk is an intelligent platform for businesses owners to generate more revenue and improve customer engagement.

What is Demodesk?

Demodesk is a customer meeting platform that allows business owners to hold virtual meetings with prospects All sales teams can use Demodesk to manage non-selling tasks and increase productivity.

This platform will automatically generate all the required content for the sales team to communicate with customers and provie deep insights. Due to the advanced integrations and platform features, businesses can meet their sales quota with Demodesk. This software can not only build strong customer relationships but has an improved data quality feature. You can get the best out of all your meetings and convert every interaction into revenue. Account Executives, SDRs, Sales Management, and the rest of the sales team will be guided during their meetings using sales battle cards and playbooks. 

Demodesk Pricing

Demodesk offers three types of different plans and offers monthly payments for all of them.This customer-engagement software offers a free trial for users to access the platform and test out the system for themselves. 

You can check out the following plans based on your business needs:

Price Per Month$25$45Custom

Demodesk Pricing Plans

Demodesk offers various plans, depending upon your business needs. You can utilize the free demo to test all the scheduling features before making a decision. 

The Demodesk Scheduling Plan offers unlimited events and booking the required links and webpages. The sales team can get in-meeting support through the help center and live chat feature. This plan offers integration with most systems such as Gmail, Salesforce and Google Drive, etc. The following features are also included in this plan:

  • Lead routing and distribution
  • You can sync all the meetings to your calendar and CRM
  • Create customized meetings and reminders 
  • Handover the meetings to any available sales team
  • Add company logos, pictures to any virtual meetings

The Demodesk Business Plan is perfect for any business because it offers all the necessary features you need to hold successful meetings with customers. This plan offers live coaching and an assistant to provide all the data during a call. You can allow your customers to interact with the product or any meeting content. The following features are offered in this plan:

  • Personalised branding
  • HD audio and video conferences
  • Battlecards and playbooks available
  • You can join any meetings as silent observer
  • CRM updates

The Demodesk Enterprise Plan offers a wide range of functions including meeting analytics and overview of every interaction to boost performance. You can create personalized workflows according to your sales strategies. The following features are available in this plan:

  • API and webhooks
  • Premium support through a meeting manager and onboarding
  • Integrate all leads and data with CRM
  • Enhance buyer’s journey using dynamic playbooks
  • Automated follow up emails after each meeting

Demodesk Product Comparison

Zoom is a video and audio conferencing platforms that is easy to set up. This software offers an unlimited number of meetings to create great interactions for all members. All the meetings has advanced features such as waiting rooms, virtual backgrounds, recording and screen sharing for all the participants. Due to group messaging and chat feature, all participants can stay conncted and collab with one another seamlessly. Zoom is completely free of cost and has a desktop sharing feature that allows you to manage all tasks and activities while sharing the data with attendees. 

However, Demodesk is more helpful for business owners, looking to boost productivity and sales. You can use the onboarding support to stay goal-driven throughout the meetings and reach your sales quota.

How Much Does Demodesk Cost?

Demodesk starts at $300 per year and goes up to $540 per year, per user. Demodesk offers both monthly and annual payment plans and they are as follows:

PlanTotal Per Year Paid

If Demodesk Pricing Is Too High, You Can Check Out These Alternatives

  • Microsoft Teams
  • HubSpot Sales Hub
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Join.Me
  • Zoom

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