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Dooly Pricing

Dooly Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Dooly pricing? Well, we have got you covered. You can check out all the different plans Dooly offers and how much they all cost.

What is Dooly?

Dooly is a B2B workspace platform that exports all your meeting notes to Salesforce to save time and generate more sales. All businesses can engage with customers and potential clients as it syncs critical data with all the related parties to improve overall performance. 

As you type all the information, log activities, and update all accounts, the notes will be synced to Salesforce so the sales team can get more work done. Due to the easy and streamlined process, everyone can access any meeting data and close more deals. Collaborating on projects got much easier with Dooly because the revenue teams stay consistent. This unique selling workspace tracks and keeps a record of all sales and marketing templates to help you sell faster.

Dooly Pricing

Dooly offers three types of different plans and offers monthly payments for all of them. This connected platform offers a free trial for users to access the platform and test out the system for themselves. 

You can check out the following plans based on your business needs:

Price Per Month$0$35$75

Dooly Pricing Plans

Dooly offers various plans, depending upon your sales quota. You can utilize the free demo to test all the scheduling features before making a decision. 

The Dooly Free Plan is perfect for any business owner to check out the data-syncing features and create more tasks. This plan is free of cost and allows up to 3 users and provides pipeline customization including 5 columns and 2 filters. The following features are also offered:

  • 100 Salesforce field updates
  • Integration with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Provides 14 days meeting history
  • Dooly chrome extension

The Dooly Growth Plan provides increased revenue and an improved pipeline to reach out to more prospects. This plan allows up to 9 users and access to unlimited playbooks and templates. You can utilize the entire pipeline customization and share the views. You get access to the following features:

  • Unlimited meeting notes history
  • Integrations with LinkedIn, Slack, and Google Drive
  • Unlimited Salesforce field updates
  • Offers personal notes and sharing option

The Dooly Premier Plan has an interaction workboard for businesses to create and update any records with just a click. This plan allows the use of more than 10 users and unlimited note templates. The following features are also offered:

  • Personalized onboarding and training
  • Role-based access control
  • Effective CSM
  • Integrations with Gong
  • Offers directory and provisioning
  • Customization of Deal Vitals

Dooly Product Comparison

Scratchpad is an amazing workspace for businesses to boost productivity and sales engagement. This intelligent solution software uses advanced features to increase revenue and keep all the information in one place. The sales team can create and update workflows, and insights and speed up the buying process. All the users can share any sales notes, and workflows with their team members and achieve daily tasks. You can export the data to and from Salesforce to score more leads.

For a detailed comparison, check out our article on Dooly vs Scratchpad.

How Much Does Dooly Cost?

Pricing for Dooly starts at $360 and goes up to $780 per year. Dooly offers both monthly and annual payment plans but if you want to save up, you can check out the following costs:

PlanTotal Per Year Paid

If Dooly Pricing Is Too High, You Can Check Out These Alternatives

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