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Gondola Pricing

Gondola Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans

Table of Contents

Are you looking for Gondola pricing? We’ve got you covered. See how much Gondola costs and see alternatives to Gondola. Gondola is a tool that allows users to create product demos in seconds. It provides essential time for sales reps to concentrate on selling, saving them time.

What is Gondola

Gondola is a sales demo creation platform that is designed to help the sales team start interactive conversations backed by data and insights. It offers deep discovery into the rep’s calls and helps them replicate the successful ones, thus eliminating the problems associated with the static script. It allows the users to review and record conversations like text and CRM during the process. Users of this sales tool can create templates catering to the specific sales process and share data such as who is going to join the call, references to the previous conversation, and more with colleagues to build rapport and add context to the conversation.

Gondola Pricing

Gondola provides its users with three pricing plans.

Gondola offers a generous discount for its users. If they choose the Year Package, they can earn up to 17% off the monthly fee. 

PlansMonthly Package
price per month
Year Package
price per month
EnterpriseCustom pricingCustom pricing

Gondola Pricing Plans

The Individual plan covers everything that a single customer would need. It includes:

  • Unlimited Meetings
  • CRM and Calendar Integrations
  • Unlimited Pipeline Updates
  • Private Collaborator Chat
  • Fast Support

The Team plan is a perfect fit for growing sales and service teams. It includes all of the Individual plan’s features, plus:

  • Shared Team Playbooks
  • Unlimited Pipeline Columns
  • Unlimited Playbooks
  • Unlimited Deal History
  • Made for up to 10 Users

The Enterprise plan is for established and rapidly growing teams. Before purchasing this plan, the user has to create an account to contact Gondola’s team. After this step, the platform would provide the exact price for the service. Price is determined based on the number of team members. The Enterprise plan includes all of the features that the Individual and Team plan offers, plus:

  • Verified Templates
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Custom object support
  • Advanced Security – SSO/MFA
  • Dedicated CSM and customized onboarding
  • SLA and Custom MSA

Gondola Product Comparison

Walnut allows its clients to personalize, supervise, and enhance the sales of their demos. The platform does not require coding as well. This has led Walnut to win various awards and be a popular choice among B2B companies.  The software helps sales teams to improve conversion rates by creating flawless free demos. Walnut also collects valuable insights for the improvement of the sales process. 

Unfortunately Walnut does not offer its customers a free-trial period, while Gondola has a free plan for beginners. 

Walnut features would fit an Enterprise and are preferred by customers working in the Finance field, while Gondola is more oriented toward small and mid-market businesses. 

How much does Gondola cost

Gondola offers its customers a monthly subscription that starts at $40/month. Here is what the actual cost of Gondola is:

PlansMonthly subscription / Total per year
Team$40 X 12 = $480
EnterpriseContact Gondola’s Team

Aside from the monthly subscription the customer can choose the Year Package and save up to 17% off the monthly fee. 

PlansYear Package / Total per year
Team$35 X 12 = $420
EnterpriseContact Gondola’s Team 

Alternatives to Gondola

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