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GitLab Pricing – Actual Prices for All Plans, Including Enterprise

Table of Contents

GitLab enables users to automate the builds, integration, and verification of their code; keep reading to find out more about GitLand pricing.

What is GitLab?

To understand GitLab, let’s first define “Git.” Git is a version control tool for monitoring changes to digital files. It is used to manage changes to projects, coordinate work among project team members, and track progress over time. Both non-technical users and programming professionals can use Git to monitor their project files. 

They can then utilize the web-based Git repository, GitLab, which offers wikis, issue-following tools, and open and private repositories for no cost. 

GitLab is a complete DevOps platform where professionals can plan projects, manage source codes, and monitor security. Teams can collaborate to build better software. 

Speed. Efficiency. Trust.

GitLab Pricing

Individual users and small companies can use the free version of GitLab with up to 5 users per namespace. 

The Premium plan can be used to enhance the team’s productivity and coordination, and comes with additional features.

The Ultimate GitLab plan offers organization-wide security, compliance, and planning tools.

 The GitLab pricing is billed annually per user per month:

PlanMonthly for 1 UserYearly for 1 User

GitLab Pricing Plans

The GitLab free plan provides access to:

  • 5 users per namespace
  • 10GB transfer per month
  • 5GB storage
  • 400 CI/CD minutes per month 

The GitLab Premium plan offers even more features, including:

  • Advanced CI/CD
  • 10,000 CI/CD minutes per month
  • 100GB transfer per month
  • 50GB storage
  • Faster code reviews
  • Enterprise agile planning
  • Self-managed reliability
  • Release controls
  • Support

The Ultimate GitLab plan has all the premium features, as well as:

  • 50,000 CI/CD minutes per month
  • 500GB transfer per month
  • 250GB storage
  • Advanced security testing
  • Compliance pipelines
  • Vulnerability management
  • Value stream management
  • Portfolio management
  • Free guest users

GitLab Enterprise Pricing  

GitLab removes complexity and risk, enabling teams to iterate faster and innovate together. Companies are afforded everything they need to provide higher quality, securer software faster.

The Enterprise plan is tailored to each business’ unique needs, so GitLab pricing will vary.

GitLab Product Comparison

GitHub is a similar product that helps developers collaborate to create cleaner and safer code instantly.

There is also a mobile app available for iOS and Android called GitHub Mobile.

There is a free plan, as well as:

  • A team plan at $4 per user per month, and
  • An Enterprise plan at $21 per user per month.

How Much Does GitLab Cost?

GitLab pricing is calculated per month but billed per year. It increases per number of users.

Here’s an example of the cost of GitLab if you have different numbers of users:

PlanYearly Price for 1 UserYearly Price for 2 UsersYearly Price for 3 UsersYearly Price for 4 UsersYearly Price for 5 Users

If you’re interested in the Enterprise plan, contact the GitLab sales team directly. They will come up with a package depending on your requirements.

Take note that purchasing additional CI/CD minutes is charged at $10 per 1,000 minutes. Extra storage is charged at $60 per 10GB. The CI/CD minutes is a once-off payment, while storage is billed annually.

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