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RocketReach Pricing – Actual Prices of All Plans With Details

Table of Contents

Are you considering RocketReach for your company’s email marketing solution? Would you like to read details about RocketReach pricing information and plan details? Find out all you need to know about RocketReach pricing and plans, including the enterprise plan, below.

What is RocketReach?

With over 12.5 million users, RocketReach is contact information finder of emails and phone numbers for sales and recruiting prospects on the market. The software will help your company to gain a competitive edge with features like bulk look-ups, company searches, and integrations. The search interface allows for lookups across all industries, with real-time results. RocketReach has one of the largest database in the world with over 700 million professionals over 35 million companies. RocketReach also offers a browser extension that enables companies to look up information about a contact while on business websites, such as LinkedIn. You can even view contact details about professionals from whatever company website you are browsing.

The World’s Largest Professional Contact Database

RocketReach Pricing

RocketReach has a variety of different plans for your business’s specific needs. They offer Individual plans, Team plans, and Enterprise plans.

Individual PlansPrice (monthly subscription)Price (annual subscription)
Essentials$80/month, $960 per year$468 annual bill
Pro$150/month, $1,800 per year$1,188 annual bill
Ultimate$300/month, $3,600 per year$2,988 annual bill
Team PlansPrice (billed annually)
Team Pro$83 per user/month
Team Ultimate207 per user/month
EnterpriseSEE BELOW

RocketReach Enterprise Pricing Plans

Each enterprise RocketReach license has unlimited lookups. Meaning you can copy and paste as much as you want. However, it’s 5k contacts per license to export contacts.

They can create whatever package you want so it’s very customizable for your needs.

RocketReach also has personal email addresses and is useful for recruiters like Interseller.

Their database has business, cell phone, office numbers for all plans.

Rocket reach has 720 million profiles you can access.

Integrations: Hubspot and Salesforce,

Integrations coming: Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Pipedrive, bullhorn

Mobile numbers: Can’t give you an exact number but they can find it, they update daily, 

Mobile numbers: 60-70% is estimate of contact, they cannot provide an exact number

RocketReach Pricing for Enterprise Plan: 1 license is 3K for 5K contacts per year, unlimited lookups

TIP: Pricing is based on volume but if you push, you can get more contacts per year at the same price.

Annual contract only for enterprise pricing

RocketReach Pricing Plans

With six different pricing plans, RocketReach has options to meet the needs of every professional. All plans, including the economic Individual Essentials plan include personal and professional emails, person searches, a browser extension, and getting all lookups upfront. The Pro, Ultimate, and Enterprise plans include even more upgraded features.

Individual/Team Pro PlansIndividual/Team Ultimate Plans
All Features of Essentials
Mobile and Direct Phone Numbers
Company Search
Outreach, Hubspot, And Zapier Integrations
Bulk Lookups
All Features of Essentials and Pro
API Access
Salesforce Integrations
Org Charts and Company Trends
CRM Enrich

RocketReach Enterprise plan is highly customizable, and pricing data is only available via speaking with their sales team. Below is a snapshot of the key features available to Enterprises.

RocketReach Product Comparison

61% of marketers claim manual lead generation is their top challenge. Effective email tools such as RocketReach and Hunter can cut down on steps and save time on lead sales prospecting for businesses. Hunter pricing has a cheaper starting plan at $49/month, and has a user-friendly Chrome extension that aids in working quickly and with little effort.

And while RocketReach and Hunter both have a free demo, email verifier, and individual search features, RocketReach provides more in depth contact data. Hunter is also not LinkedIn compatible, which many users find very inconvenient compared to RocketReach.

RocketReach is trusted by tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Facebook which gives it a more enviable client base. RocketReach also has a commitment to data privacy, and will keep your identity and payment information private. With thirteen patents in high-profile data mining, RocketReach assures their clients top-notch accuracy.

How Much Does RocketReach Cost?

So how much does RocketReach cost in a year? Let’s break it down for a business with 20 users. RocketReach does not charge any integration, support, and/or onboarding fees.

Team Pro Plan: $19,920 per year

Team Ultimate Plan: $49,680 per year

If RocketReach Pricing is Too High, Check Out These Alternatives

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